LOKI 1×05: Every Easter Egg + RED SKULL Connection Explained | Marvel References, Episode BREAKDOWN

LOKI 1×05: Every Easter Egg + RED SKULL Connection Explained | Marvel References, Episode BREAKDOWN

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Loki’s penultimate episode features a ton of Easter Eggs and references to the Marvel cinematic universe! There’s the Thanos copter, Ronan’s ship, the RTed Skull’s ship, the Philadelphia experiment, and of course Richard E Grant as Classic Loki. In this video, we break down all of the easter eggs and speculate about the series’ endgame.

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Written and Hosted by Ryan Arey (http://twitter.com/ryanarey)
Edited by Harriet Lengel-Enright and Katherine Woloson

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35 Responses

  1. AListProductions says:

    This show rules

    • Bill Foster's Beans says:

      @Vuyo M he still got to watch his mother die, and was shown from an outside perspective how his hubris caused it. The show brilliantly fast tracked his whole 5 year character arc in the first episode by showing him All his selfish decisions and how they hurt everyone around him and how in his final moments he sacrificed himself. Then he makes a couple more selfish mistakes…. And meets Sylvie who drives him to grow a little more. Then he gets looped with sif and comes to terms with who he is and how he’s done nothing but failand hurt those around him… All for attention. Now he’s on a path to redemption. Did you watch the same show as me or did you skip the first few episodes?

    • Whoofian Brony says:

      @codelbodel 21 smoothbrain

    • SMb says:

      The fuck happened to the audio remove and re upload

    • Weed Eater says:

      @Luke Weems Sam becoming cap was the best reveal ever

    • Old Ben Kenobi says:

      @Bill Foster’s Beans your bar on brilliant, is the lowest I’ve ever seen set.

      This show is is The Phantom Menace of the MCU.

      Like, sure it’s something, sure it’s cannon, sure there’s a group knuckle dragging idiots who will pretend it’s “brilliant”. But anyone with half a brain will acknowledge the poorly written contrived hack job that it is.

      And just like most modern era shows, they’ve turned the name sake character into an absolute b!tch tier moron, the butt of every joke and playing second fiddle to every other character they share the screen with.

  2. Stephen Reed says:

    I still can’t believe that they put in the Thanoscopter in an MCU Show.

  3. Sabrina says:

    I really hoped Sylvie was gonna she Mobius his past before he left. I’m still holding out for hope. I wanna see him on a jet ski in the ‘90s living his best life.

  4. lovinlorne says:

    I think the relationship between Loki and Silvie is everything all rolled into one: love, friendship, kinship…the whole ball of wax. He’s never, ever experienced anything like it before, and I think that’s why he’s acting so awkward, and dazed and dazzled by Silvie. It’s not that he’s in love, per se. He’s totally overwhelmed by all of these new to him feelings.

  5. Puddah says:

    I feel like the shows gonna have Mobius getting his jet ski and he’ll give us that classic Owen Wilson “Wow”.

  6. domblue says:

    Old man Loki’s last stand made me audibly go “oh shit.. that was dope”. Haven’t had one of those in a while. Such an awesome moment.

    • J.P. FOLEY JR. says:

      You just go on all the Loki Easter egg videos and say that? Lol…when I first noticed I was like ” oh shit..that’s dope ” than made this comment

    • MsNurkay says:

      @J.P. FOLEY JR. t they’re all his variants

  7. Lou Poprocky says:

    Kid Loki: well anyway here’s wonderwall

  8. Brandon Winslow says:

    Around 6:00 after the ad, the sound gets oddly doubled.

  9. foxinaboxy12 , says:

    little theory: what if future loki didn’t die but it was another illusion and thats why he was so happy
    or i just want him to come back to reunite with his brother

  10. Erica Willis says:

    Kid Loki gives Loki the dagger that kills Roosters
    “No thanks, I’m not hungry”

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