London Bridge attack: What happened

London Bridge attack: What happened

How the events of the London Bridge attack unfolded, after a van hit pedestrians then drove to Borough – where the suspects ran into crowds and started stabbing people.

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20 Responses

  1. ObamaCancer says:

    how is your immigrants doing Brits? oh wait…..

  2. Los Ronin * says:


  3. LpsTV AJ says:

    I’m British and I’m so tired of these attacks!

  4. Ant says:

    Sadly, bombings and suicide attacks are going to be a way of life in 21st century Britain. When are we going to collectively act to stamp out hate from the section of the religion that associates itself with peace?

  5. Mark Redmond says:

    multiculturalism at its finest.

  6. William Tyndale says:

    So live footage is cut and shunted, which means it has been to an editing suite, and what is more can someone tell me where the filming is because I see no London Bridge?

  7. Tyler Durden says:

    Bombadan is just starting….so hold on.

  8. ElectricJohnny says:

    Enoch Powell was right.

  9. Ngetawain Kamu says:

    Terrorist are a bunch of people who don’t have a real job..
    Far from family or friends..
    Dumb (of course), don’t have any idea to do with their life, and interested with something about extreme, barbaric, and taking lives away.

  10. Gcgycf Vyggug8 says:

    Im a muslim and this is my country. And i live peacefully along with every muslim i know

  11. Arun Millar says:

    The religion of peace strikes again.

  12. John Tyson says:

    Dont watch sky news people they have their own agenda. skynews=fakenews. #falseflag

  13. Madison Mccullough says:

    i live so close to london!its scary!

  14. D L85 says:

    there will never be peace with Islam.

  15. VHSKisten says:

    Deport all known islamists immidiatedly, and ban islamism once and for all throughout Europe, we are a f*cking joke for allowing islamism to exist and thrive in Europe, and already we are seeing the consequences that most muslim countries have been facing for decades as a result of failing or should we say unwillingness to strike down on these extremists.

  16. Ian Pownall says:

    So again is there any footage of bombs or terrorists? Fake news people we need a revolution to over throw media and over paid muppets controling the country!

  17. NNN Nutie Wolf says:

    I’m starting to get scared because they keep attacking

  18. Yasam Farooq says:

    Terrorist have no religion

  19. Sarah-Jayne Mcdonald says:

    Why were the police changing into plain clothes? And how do they always know its ISIS so quickly!?

  20. Alexander Eley says:

    Time to remove kebab

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