London: The World’s Dirty Money Laundry

London: The World’s Dirty Money Laundry

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36 Responses

  1. Tertiaritus says:

    You’re doing an important thing a lot of people forget to do: you accept the ugly parts of history and current reality of your country and are not afraid of speaking out about it. This is true patriotism.

    • Bob Lazar says:

      So brave so strong

    • bungga💋 says:

      The legend of Boboko-Jk.Monster snowquen’s is my idol. Hes the person I aspire to be, hes my light of day..

    • underwaterdick says:

      British people are generally willing to accept the ugly side of their history. We used to be the big bad bullies, and are now ashamed of it. But, that shame doesn’t censor anything or lead to aggression.

      In fact, generally, British patriotism is a bit placid and weak.
      You could burn a union flag, or do whatever you want during the national anthem and we won’t be too bothered.
      In fact, it would mean absolutely nothing to most people.
      In the US for example, the flag and anthem are so sacred, you risk being murdered or arrested for doing anything other than “the rules”.

      Where you get issues and censored history is the relationship WITHIN the union.
      Between England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales. Of course this also involves Ireland by proxy.
      History there is often skewed to suit each nationalists narrative, and flags/symbols become overly important.

  2. American1776 says:

    Ordinary Guy always makes my day. Mentioned your TedTalk in a class presentation the other day and the feedback was incredible. Your videos are unmatched in quality, and your writing is incredible. You are the best.

  3. Daniel Sutherland says:

    The overall quality of your stuff is really exceeding itself every new video I see man. Love it. Keep it up.

    • Teti Rohayati says:

      The legend of Boboko-Jk.Monster snowquen’s is my idol. Hes the person I aspire to be, hes my light of day..


      @Old Man Doing High Kicks Only In Black Socks the generic, overly positive comments farming for likes is pathetic but expected. Anyone without principal can do it.

    • Old Man Doing High Kicks Only In Black Socks says:

      @Alan Zavala Haha, made you pay attention to me.
      _dopamine fix +1_

    • jordan says:

      Feel like I’ve seen this exact comment on at least one other good creator’s videos

  4. it's me says:

    Incredible video! This must have been really hard to put together but it turned out really well. If you’re interested, the London legal system has a similar story to the finance system. I’d love to see an oligarch video from you someday (look into Eurasia too- it’s fascinating) but I also love your more ordinary things. Looking forward to learning about blimps!

  5. Rocio Rivas says:

    I’ve always wondered what it must be like to live in such a touristy city. I thought people must be annoyed all the time. When I went to Paris this was proven true, however I went to London right after and, if people were annoyed, they didn’t show it at all. Everyone was extremely helpful even if it was an inconvenience to them. It’s one of my favorite memories from that trip.

    • Duck 0351 says:

      I live in Lisbon’s Suburbia.
      I love the tourists. i actually take a longger rote to the train station just to see them apreciating the old city and helping them by giving directions, or telling them funny stories about the buildings that they are looking at or calling their atention for smaller buidings that are filled with history but escape the view of the turist just looking for the main atractions.

      Once I saw 2 romanians siting next to me in a beanch to go wait in line to visit a famous convent, literally oblivious that they were sitting in the place were the 25 of april revolution happened… in the position they were at, they would be side by side with the April capitans firing at the buiding in front of them. I had to explain what happened there!

      I really love to do that, and people find it interesting.

    • underwaterdick says:

      True Londoners, wither through birth or simply moving there and being there years, are some of the friendliest people you could meet.

      They don’t hate tourists, they understand that most londoners NEED the tourists to keep them employed, or to keep investment in their area.
      Those who hate tourists are probably the very sort who are described in this video, with homes “owned” by companies in British tax haven Islands.

    • lordsleepyhead says:

      I lived in Amsterdam for 4 years, and I wasn’t especially annoyed with tourists. They mostly hang around a few areas in the city center where I didn’t go anyway so it didn’t bother me. Someone asks me for directions, sure I’ll help them out, happy to do so. Tourism isn’t that big of a deal as long as you don’t live in the neighbourhoods that are severely affected by it.

  6. John Bilane says:

    I assume you’re based in London. So many naturally classic backdrops and you took full advantage along with good creative green screening for other locations. I also feel I have a better grasp on exactly HOW the “british empire” continues to suck the blood of the world even while retaining almost no overseas territory. Shadowy. Good work.

    • Shonen Jump Magneto says:


      “almost no overseas territory” lololol

    • ELL IS says:

      @Visassess an answer to what? they didn’t ask a question.

    • Yasser,beddouch Puddleglum says:

      I wish he would do an episode on the IIMF and the World Bank. They’re two international institutions founded after WW2 that extort poor and developing by countries by forcing them to privatize their industries, open up trade barriers and give beneficial treatment to western corporations in exchange of predatory loans that end up in the pocket of corrupted oligarchs. Without a developed economy or a comparative advantage to effectively compete in the global market, these countries become completely dependent on western economies to survive and we can exploit their labor and resources for pennies on the dollar. This is why manufacturing is so much cheaper overseas, it’s why their regulations are so laxed and their taxes non existent. It’s why Coca cola and Nestle can use slave labor to make their products and know for a fact that the local government won’t do anything about it. It’s why t shirts that cost 30$ in the west can be made for 15 cents in Africans sweat shops.

      Since ww2, this was mostly a western thing. America did it a lot in Latin America and Britain and France leveraged their remaining influence in Africa to do it there. Meanwhile he Soviet Union couldn’t use capitalism to build an empire and so their relied on direct political and military control. However recently, China has been getting in on it, offering incredibly predatory loans to poor south asian countries only to extort concessions out of them when they inevitably default on those loans.

    • Visassess says:

      That’s an easy answer, they’re cozy with America

  7. Aidan Douglas says:

    This was awesome dude. Being from the north it’s absolutely heartbreaking to see people voting for the Tories because they think immigrants are the biggest problem. I wish I could convince everyone to watch this video and realize that the biggest problems are those gits.

    • JR says:

      Bankers aren’t gangraping our children though. It’s a bit more of a pressing issue than tax evasion, which goes on everywhere and is inevitable, and Labour would not bother trying to fix either.

  8. blackcat says:

    As a foreigner who lives in London, this city has good things: very cosmopolitan, you have access to cultures from all over the world and the parks are huge. But it’s also ridiculously expensive and I can’t wait to move to one of the smaller commuter towns (with a bit of luck if my boss allows me to wfh permanently). There are flats here that should go against the Geneva convention. Bed, kitchen and a cubicle for the fucking shower all in the same place. How are those even allowed to be rented? Rn I’m paying 1200 plus bills for a flat and the bills have doubled since I moved and the NI as well, like ordinary things said. That’s why hearing these things infuriate me so much. Fuck the rich. Excellent video.

    • Shiz W says:

      @blackcat no thanks, stay in London and stop raising property in commuter towns, thanks

    • LostInTheNet says:

      I moved there from Italy, mainly to improve my English.
      Used to work ~50 hours a week, after paying rent there was left just enough to live a decent life. Of course I split the room with a friend… in a splitted house

  9. I Don't Know Yet says:

    Really glad you’ve been able to keep up this pace in terms of putting out videos. Love it. Thank you.

  10. Jake Hall says:

    I was just starting to get interested in this topic, the fact that London is the money laundering capital of the world is such an unknown and important fact, thank you for this

    • Jake Hall says:

      @Some Dogs Are Cops or maybe they just have less population and spend their money accordingly, they are also historically neutral nations, hence no need to build up military industrial complex. Which is more likely, they just spent their money more fiscally safe and have less political gridlock, or that a secret wing of politics is making the Netherlands markets able to be a laundering nation? I think it’s option A

    • Some Dogs Are Cops says:

      @Ty Bey Of course, why do you think the Netherlands and the large majority of Scandinavian countries enjoy such great social programs at a relatively low cost? These are the great neutral zones, where the far right and far left come together to launder money.

    • Ty Bey says:

      I’ve heard the same about my country (Netherlands), it’s a tax haven and massive money laundering country as well.

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