LONG-AWAITED WIN | Deji vs. Fousey Full Fight

LONG-AWAITED WIN | Deji vs. Fousey Full Fight

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46 Responses

  1. Dr Duke says:

    So proud of Deji he deserved that win so much and I think everyone was so happy to see him come home with an outstanding W.

  2. Sweeping Dust says:

    This wasn’t deji just winning, this was him dominating

  3. Bea says:

    What a BEAUTIFUL win. Insanely impressed with Deji’s improvement. And his reflexes were absolutely insane. This was THE main event.

  4. GoldenViper says:

    Deji is the definition of “Never Give Up”

  5. TheChelseafc444 says:

    This Deji would have smoked Vinnie, Alex, and Jake (in their first fight) easily. So much technique and skill. He outclassed Fousey easily. I’m so proud of Deji.

  6. Dhruv Chaturvedi says:

    Just have a look at everyone else around the ring celebrating Deji’s every punch. All the sidemen, even Mike and Logan were hyped.
    What a moment for Dej.

  7. Lilith says:

    10:00 Nothing makes me more happy seeing JJ jumping with joy when he sees Deji win. Made me shed a tear after seeing it again. Deji you’re an inspiration

    • hans pz says:

      He fights a lot like jj in this fight but with more accuracy, very aggressive taking every opportunity, this is exactly how he needs to be

    • Kid Flash says:

      @Lilith They just want to hate

    • Lilith says:

      @Burner um no? Ive been watching these two for years , way before sidemen, wayyyy before they even became famous. So for me i had family issues ,watching these two took me away from reality for a moment and gave me peace when i needed it the most, so seeing these two being successful in whatever they do makes me happy. I’m m guessing you’re a new fan , so you wouldn’t probably understand.

    • Burner says:

      That’s really sad let’s be real. You don’t know these people 😂 go jump for joy with your actual friends and family.

  8. Rocket says:

    Those dodges from deji at 6:35 was huge for him and won him the fight, that was fousey last attempt at a big hit knock out, deji looked a little tired and dropped his hands, but he dodged so quick to avoid the hit, in the past he wouldn’t, after that he found his flow again and dominated

  9. He Turns Himself Into A Pickle says:

    Can’t stop smiling at how proud I am to Deji seeing him win for the first time. Even though I doubt he’ll lose. He proved me wrong and shocked me in this fight. Big changes for him. Excited to see him fighting again this January becoming stronger and better.

  10. overtflow says:

    DAZN is awesome for dropping these videos for everyone so soon!! it’s a much better business model than keeping them under PPV for months like some other companies do (no names will be mentioned) 😤

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