Long Day’s Journey Into CPAC | Full Frontal with Samantha Bee | TBS

Long Day’s Journey Into CPAC | Full Frontal with Samantha Bee | TBS

We sent Mike Rubens to CPAC on a covert mission to figure out if conservatism is still a thing.

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20 Responses

  1. 8crazykid8 says:

    re-upload? that’s fine. still good a 2nd time around ?

  2. Amy Laurel says:

    As he breathes into the paper bag! Brilliant!! lol

  3. Adirondacks 4life says:

    when he walked away from the guy ???

  4. Travis Atwood says:

    At least the guy knew he didn’t know that Trump doesn’t stand for any traditional conservative ideas. That’s an improvement, right?

  5. paincalledliving says:

    I was surprised to see black people there. Nevermind, they were the security team.

  6. MajCyric says:

    GOP supporters are such squares.. SO clueless when they are even being “trolled”.. Just like the fail supports that were handed Russian flags with Trump printed on them, then waving them around like clueless sheeple…

  7. Mika the angry German says:

    Silly Samantha bee, it’s filme not film

  8. MarrowEternal says:

    Conservatism is dead. Lost all respect for the movement over the past three years. They are a spineless bunch of hypocrites. The republican party is now Trump’s party. The party of Reagan and Lincoln ended in 2015.

  9. Dark Days says:

    “Oh Kellyanne you Cylon.” – I almost spit coffee all over my keyboard I was laughing so hard, the almost part could be an alt-fact. She looks like a number 6 that is going for a Heath Ledgers Joker impression.

  10. Damien Torres says:

    President Baboon deserves this! The situation right now is ridiculous.

  11. Eric Silva says:

    700th! Sam Bee is THE ABSOLUTE BEST

  12. rk9sbpro83 says:

    That room that says women behind the guy he ran away from is just an exit

  13. Alex Ernst says:

    That poor conspiracy nut. That was so mean!

  14. Γιωργος Φαλέγκος says:

    Does anyone know what is it that he calls Conway? have never heard that word and I am curious

  15. Diana Burke says:

    “Hi I’m Mike Rubens, liberal Jew media”

  16. Edie Neves says:

    I love Noah also, but Sam should just run for any office!! It would be a win win for all!! ??for you Sam!!!

  17. info warrior says:

    CPAC has had white nationalist speakers for many years. Trump shared the stage with them when he spoke there in 2014.

  18. shiva1008 says:

    true story.

  19. MrEpicTruth says:

    Conservative government is gutting education, unions, environmental protection, making immigrants second class citizens, ramping up the police state, and giving away the country to rich oligarchs…but the only thing anyone right leaning in this comment section cares about is a tasteless joke! I thought the right LOVED tasteless jokes because of their great passion for freedom of speech. Oh, I guess they only like them when they’re about how brown people are ideologically backwards criminal savages, my bad!

  20. Lee Johnson says:

    She actually gets paid for doing this! LOL!!

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