Long Lines at the Wisconsin Primaries: A Closer Look

Long Lines at the Wisconsin Primaries: A Closer Look

Seth takes a closer look at the role of voter ID laws in the Wisconsin Republican primary.
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Long Lines at the Wisconsin GOP Primary: A Closer Look- Late Night with Seth Meyers

Late Night with Seth Meyers

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20 Responses

  1. Wings Hamster says:

    check out the new video

  2. Squidward says:

    Bernie Sanders fought for voting rights of the lgbt community, Africa
    Americans in 1950 and young voters recently.

  3. Catherine3385 says:

    You show your ID for everything
    There is nothing wrong with this
    This is the first time the state used it and it happens to be a huge
    They will get it right

  4. Miguel Cotia says:

    HAHAHAHHAHA! Nice one you idiot republicans!

  5. freakychee says:

    Pretty sure, “the people standing in line” was a joke…

  6. Ultimate Gamer says:

    Just because we make cheese you don’t have to make puns

  7. NAM AS FUCK! says:

    and yes it takes longer, but you democrats want any joe to come in there,
    lol there are millions of illegal immigrants that’s allot of votes. plus if
    your not smart enough to realize especially you five year olds this is all
    propaganda every talk show host is payed to trash republicans, there all
    liberal bias, my advice listen to both sides of the argument

  8. vorkev1 says:

    a true trump voiter will have a hard time voiting as they do not want to
    give a id if they did not have to then trump would have won

  9. Sarah Holzhausen says:

    seth meyers is so good! i love his political stuff! we need this kind of
    rational analysis on tv.

  10. John Nycto says:

    Those jokes were cheesy…

  11. archaicsentinel says:

    Cruz could use that beard so he wouldn’t look so much like someone who was
    debuting on “To Catch a Predator”…

  12. Enter a name here says:

    Second time. The first time was the State Supreme Court Primary election.

  13. Crodicks mosn says:

    Finally, Seth covering important topics.

  14. Alfred Palmer says:

    I like the corvette joke, ” Wanna ride!?! There’s plenty of room!! Cause of
    my tiny dick!!!”

  15. Lioseia Nishina says:

    its funny if Democrats made as much effort to commit obvious voter
    suppression. the Republicans wouldn’t shut up till it was exhausted more
    than a porn star.

  16. CoasterRebel says:

    Can someone tell me why photo ID for voting is such a big problem? The idea
    sounds like common sense but everyone seems to have a problem with it. I
    wanna keep an open mind on this topic, what’s the problem?

  17. SirNate says:

    We do need to make sure there isn’t voter fraud though to protect the

  18. E - Money says:

    Urg! What waste of money. The least funniest show host ever. He’s even less
    funny than people who have non-comedic shows.

  19. TheHarkonnen1 says:

    MMMMM. Propaganda and misinformation, tastes so good to Seth!

  20. Mudita Y. says:

    America’s known as the “land of the free” but not in voting….perfect.