Longest Snake On Earth Eats A Deer Whole | Wildest Islands Of Indonesia

Longest Snake On Earth Eats A Deer Whole | Wildest Islands Of Indonesia

The giant Reticulated Python is as wide as a human and capable of catching and swallowing a crocodile whole. This snake is out looking for a kill big enough to sustain it for the next year.

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99 Responses

  1. imik 86 says:

    loong boi.

  2. MR. PROXY says:

    I like how they used A Burmese python at first instead of a reticulated python

    • theven sena says:

      I noticed that too

    • drthik1 says:

      I wonder who provided the snakes for filming

    • Ryan Allen says:

      I was scrolling through searching for this comment before I commented myself… they want to teach people about animals yet they don’t seem to want to put the extra effort out to use the species that they’re describing. Why claim it’s a retic and not use one for filming, they can’t call it a Burmese python and put it on wildest Indonesian islands though. There are plenty of retics in private collections if they needed b-roll footage of one lurking through brush in the dark.

    • Matthew Powers says:

      Ikr! As soon as I saw the pattern I was like wait did you say retic or Burm because that’s no retic

    • clay collins says:

      I was pretty certain it was a rock as well, but not African.. Indian rock

  3. Alex Aliona says:

    you sure that wasn’t a basilisk

  4. Notthefather says:

    But wow. Eating once a year.

  5. Hyraladen T says:

    Is this a documentary? If so, which? Where can I watch the.full thing

  6. The Stereo Gamer says:

    Damn he a THICC BOI

  7. BigHerbo TheOG says:

    This why I don’t fuck with snakes

  8. Nasser MJ says:

    One between the eyes! My only drill.

    • For Relax says:

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    • For Relax says:

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  9. Mike Wolf says:

    Why is no one questioning how the hell they got such great video on these sequences as if the cobra invited the camera crew to follow him for a day

  10. Man don't fucking talk to me I'm here to train says:

    *Oh look my mother in law made it into a Discovery documentary and she ate a deer as well*

  11. Twisted Soul says:

    Oh deer oh deer

  12. Vince Allen Meneses says:

    snake eats a deer whole
    starts at 6:12

  13. Andre Lucina says:

    What that mouth do tho?

  14. Professor Emil says:

    “But it will take hours to swallow.”

    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  15. Eric Turner says:

    Why did I watch this right before going to bed? Sweet dreams everyone.

  16. Lari Kipe says:

    I just love swallowing an entire raw dear. So delicious. Mmmmmmmmmmm.

  17. C I D says:

    *danger noodle swallows smaller nope rope*

  18. YouPube says:

    Only 8 minute this documentary has it all. Snake vs Elephant, Snake vs Snake, Snake vs Deer 🐍

  19. Raheem Stephens says:

    I was told that round pupils means non-venomous and oval means venom but this king cobra has round pupils..WTFFF

  20. Lavar Ball says:


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