Lonzo Ball bricks and yips against the Celtics

Lonzo Ball bricks and yips against the Celtics

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43 Responses

  1. Titan Fall says:

    So much for his loud mouth father look at him now all back of the bus an chit!

  2. Great Good says:

    Why is this on trending?

  3. Josh Chan says:

    Lol this is on trending and I am 4th comment.

    • Metrix says:

      Josh Chan Thanks for telling me that I really appreciate it. I was most certainty looking for the 4th person to comment on a trending video.

    • Josh Chan says:

      No problem fam. I just saw a video for looking for the fourth comments on each video and wanted to help.

  4. ayyymate says:

    Why the hell is this on trending?

  5. LM AO says:

    200 views trending *WHAT THE FUCK*

  6. david santana says:

    You’re drunk YouTube go home.

  7. A Fig says:

    Trending with 375 views…….

  8. Allan Rivera says:

    *Incoming comments on why this is on Trending*

  9. HýpeBeast says:

    *YouTube Employee* : im bored what should i do..??
    375 views ??? Lets put that on trending

  10. 4 THE WIN says:

    Mom YouTube is broken again!

  11. PrimeTime Productions says:

    How in the world does a video get on trending with less than 500 views…

  12. Ensilico The Gamer says:

    Like this if lonzo is overrated

  13. Anthony Dee says:

    708 views on trending. YouTube trending list is clearly human chosen.

  14. Pi Aye says:

    “Lonzo bricks it better than Kobe.” — Lavar Ball

  15. Brickhouse9398 says:

    WARNING “Why is this trending” comments below:

  16. colorsinscenes says:

    This guy fuckin sucks ass.

  17. Falloutboy sux more than browns says:

    How does this guy keep trending over and over again?

  18. Marcos Amparo says:

    Everyone asking why is this on trending, but no one asking why Lonzo Ball is in the NBA?

  19. abhiofficial says:

    Lonzo be racking up assists while Gelo be racking up steals

  20. Giant Turd says:

    His brother leads the League in China in steals

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