“Look at me when I’m talking to you” 😳 | Neville & Redknapp get HEATED!

“Look at me when I’m talking to you” 😳 | Neville & Redknapp get HEATED!

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Things get heated between Gary Neville and Jamie Redknapp as they break down Manchester United’s 4-0 defeat to Brentford at the Gtech Community Stadium. Neville also calls out the Glazer ownership…

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46 Responses

  1. Neo 1 says:

    Gary is on the verge of tears like most of us United fans. It’s hard to see where the club is at and the route it’s going

  2. Joe McKeown says:

    Jamie is right in the context of the past 90 minutes.
    Gary is right in the context of the past 10 years.

  3. TScubes says:

    Gary Neville speaking our hearts as Manchester United fans 🫶🏻😭

    • TScubes says:

      @Jesus Saves! ❤️

    • Nicest Guy In House says:

      @Mellow- D
      Ye you didnt know how good you had it and as fans man utd are toxic and hate things that are good and refuse to realise it till its too late, the funny thing is that gary helped influence the mourinho backlash and also didnt want conte.

      Well he got what he wanted as did others i hope you are all happy with the decisions

    • John Brains says:

      Yeah get some Arab directors maybe they would play better in a burka

    • Mellow- D says:

      @Marilyn Lucas Mourinho’s mellowed, Pogba’s gone… Board may be pressured into shortening a honeymoon…. Et voi la 😊 I think you’re a journalist 🤭👍

  4. Rita 25 y.o - check my vidéó says:

    Gary Neville always protecting the players. This game was on them, nothing to do with tactics or team selection. The game was lost on two huge mistakes. After that any tactics went out the window and as usual the United players fail to show any character to get back into the match and procede to jog around the pitch for the following 70 minutes.

    • David AllenTaylor says:

      Players jogging and Rashford not tracking back. Total opposite of what Brentford players were doing

    • Healf Gael says:

      You can blame the players for a bad game, or even a bad season. Ten years of bad games, across successive managers and many players who have arrived and left, is down to a failure of club structure and leadership.

    • Otaku Hunter says:

      @DGC lol

    • Sanctified57 says:

      Neville is not protecting the players, he acknowledges they’re not good enough, but it’s pointless banging on about it like the obtuse Jamie Redknap. When a house is crumbling you don’t start inspecting and replacing each brick, you look at the foundations. Neville is 100% correct the issue at United is structural, and the Glazers are the culprits

    • It's Yuh Boyyy says:

      Not starting Varane was a shambolic decision

  5. Tom Lomas says:

    One thing you have to admire. Is whether you like him or not. Gary speaks from pure 100% passion and love. He’s as honest as Roy. Roy is just brutal with his words. If and when the glazers sell. We can look at people like Gary and Roy and say ‘you started this. Thankyou for saying it how it is’

  6. stratford19 says:

    This was absolute gold because it was passion through and through. They both made some good points but for me it was a reminder of how good discourse can look like when you let people be themselves. Thank you to both Jamie and Gary.

  7. ・your non favorite person 👍・ says:

    Yesterday during the last 10 mins of the game, Sky put up a statistic on the screen comparing the collective value of both teams on the pitch:
    BRE £55m
    MUN £424m
    That tells you all you need to know. Even Gary himself quipped, “It’s quite an accomplishment to spend almost half a billion pounds to fail this miserably.”

    • Leonid Red says:

      The reality is, if it was Brentford who went for Maguire or AWB, they may have to pay a 20 million or 8 million. So squard value are not really comparable especially between Brentford and MU.
      Again, fortunately Brentford have better defenders..

    • michelle says:

      @Christopher Anderson Still remains as Peterborough’s record transfer deal

    • Christopher Anderson says:

      @michelle well that is unbelievable business that 👏👏👏

    • michelle says:

      @Christopher Anderson On 31 August 2020, Toney completed a medical and signed for Championship club Brentford on a five-year deal. The fee was reported to be in the region of £5 million and around £10 million with add-ons

  8. Daniel Prophet says:

    The problem I find with Man Utd is everything they do seems to involve huge amounts of money etc the new signings, big wages. Even keeping Ronaldo this season will demand huge wages as well as the rest of the players! It gets to the heads of the players and it distracts them of how they perform every game they play. The club gets more pressure from the media than any other club in the league which is why Ten Hag is already feeling the pressure of what it’s like to manage this club.

    Man Utd have turned themselves into a global brand, not a football club. You can compare the size of the club to Brighton and Brentford and people around the world will tell you that they haven’t heard of them, only to then realise that despite being smaller clubs in size,
    can produce the quality to beat them.

    Money will not get good results unless the quality and leadership comes first.

  9. AB1 says:

    As a spurs fan, hearing people compliment our club for once is nice to hear

  10. DigitalHistory says:

    I feel at least part of the problem is they’re simply chopping and changing too much. It took Ferguson 6 years to win his first Premier League (and he was even supposedly close to being sacked at one point) and Klopp about 5 for Liverpool’s first in 30 years. If the club can appoint the right manager and stick with him even if they might not be winning anything or just qualifying for the Europa League, then I’m sure it’ll at least help slightly in rebuilding the club. Obviously the problem with football nowadays is that people want trophies every year and even a very early sign they may do badly results in a sacking, so I doubt this will ever happen.

    • Vaughan says:

      Manchester United lost so many games last season badly in fact, they signed nothing in January, 3 players this summer, this is deeper than the manager

    • DigitalHistory says:

      @S agreed

    • S says:

      @DigitalHistory all i’m gonna say is, if we left jose to manage the squad and gave him all the backing he wants… we would’ve won the league by now, once or twice actually

    • DigitalHistory says:

      @John Doe I don’t think so, honestly yeah they need higher ups who are more involved and more passionate about the club, Levy’s a great example of this

    • DigitalHistory says:

      @M E  @M E just because different clubs do it doesn’t mean United should, it’s different for everyone (Chelsea’s a great example of this)

      I agree that the spending at United has been stupid, but to be honest we’ve signed players who were doing great at their previous clubs for fees they were probably worth but then they just can’t seem to replicate it here.

      Chelsea (who lets be honest are really the only club that can actually do well switching managers every week) are the only one that doesn’t fit the “keep the manager even if he does badly” policy, but Klopp, to be honest, lost both finals and I’m pretty sure didn’t get off to a great start the next season (which would’ve resulted in a sacking at United).

      United have gotten their most famous managers when they’re given time, why they decided 5th isn’t good enough for a manager in his first season is beyond me.

      United fans are too quick to call for a manager’s sacking and the board are too quick to respond. United managers should be given time because A) it’s unrealistic to expect a manager to improve a disjointed team which in all honestly looks like some patchwork of the all the previous manager’s styles in just a season and B) when United managers are given time no matter what the table looks like they go on to do well.

      United also shouldn’t be challenging top 4, they barely finished 5th, they should be looking to get to the advanced stages of some of the cups and at the very least finish in the top 6 again. The team needs a massive rebuild and 2 seasons won’t do it, but honestly Jose was improving the team (as was Van Gaal) but he got sacked after 2 seasons, and he didn’t even get the signings he wanted in the summer.

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