Look At Me: XXXTENTACION | Official Trailer | Hulu

Look At Me: XXXTENTACION | Official Trailer | Hulu

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22 Responses

  1. RileyTaugor says:

    So hyped for this. Glad its finally dropping #LLJ 🕊🖤

  2. Danielle Vitória says:

    Em nossos ❤ ele ainda esta bem vivo
    XXXTENTACION ❤🔥eterno❤

  3. Clues says:

    Seeing Ski sob at his funeral really got me bruh 😥

  4. Everton Gonçalves says:

    xxxtentacion foi uma lenda e ele nunca vai ser esquecido o mundo todo ti amo pelas coisas que ele fez obrigado x pôr tudo.
    E que agente possa ver esse documentário lindo baseado na sua vida 💓💓💓💓💓💓💓🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷😔😔😔😔

  5. Edney Roriz says:

    Sempre conosco, sempre lembrado 🙆🏻‍♂️

  6. TheFactory says:

    Hopefully this doc shows more of the positive side of X’s life and shines a light on the good things he was doing before he passed, we don’t need another BBC doc trashing on his legacy. We’ve heard good things tho so I have higher hopes 🙏

    • Ayden says:

      it’s gunna show everything he’s done not just good things from the start of his life to the time he passed

    • Milagros Lucero Janampa Fernández says:

      Sip es verdad lo espero con ansias uwu

    • Ck_City says:

      @Echo Grid he did bad things but the majority was out of context

    • Arekkusu says:

      @Steve I admit I argued very bad on the whole thematic while my actual intention was just to say that these things shouldn’t be the first things that come to mind when thinking bout x. It’s late I’m not even English and I desperately tried to say what I really wanted to say but I was saying stupid shit instead sorry

  7. loudrawz says:

    Eu ainda lembro exatamente de quando ouvi X pela primeira vez, e lembro exatamente de como passei o dia quando ele morreu. Rip to one of our legends.

  8. Lil Zandro says:

    Ao ver seu documentário talvez assim me sinta mais próximo do X ,você nunca será esquecido #XXXTENTACIONFOREVER #LLJ

  9. Dark67O ♪ says:

    Uno de los pocos artistas que lograron conectar sentimentalmente con sus seguidores. Sin duda alguna su musica marco a muchos, cumplio su proposito y queria cambiar a algo mejor. #LLJ

  10. Rose’s Wrld! says:

    Been waiting years for this, I still have everything dedicated to X in a safe place. I’m ready, I;m probably gonna cry. LLJ

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