Looking Back at Season 1 with Lauren Conrad | Back To The Beach with Kristin and Stephen

Looking Back at Season 1 with Lauren Conrad | Back To The Beach with Kristin and Stephen

For the first time ever, Kristin, Stephen, and Lauren sit down together to set the record straight. Tune in to find out what happened the last time Kristin and Lauren saw each other, if Lauren still has “The O.C.” autograph Stephen got for her, and how the city of Laguna Beach feels about their namesake television show.

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About Back To The Beach: A podcast hosted by Kristin Cavallari and Stephen Colletti that takes listeners back through their iconic 2004 television show “Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County.” Tune in as the former sweethearts rewatch episodes for the first time in 18 years and re-live their high school experience all over again revealing which fights were real, which hookups got complicated, and of course, what really happened in Cabo.

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28 Responses

  1. Julia Mrtn says:

    Lauren and Kristin apologizing to each other for calling the other one a s*** is the healing energy we all need in 2022!

    • Mussell Cam says:

      Said the same thing 😂 a portion of my childhood has recovered from disputes I did not know I held onto.

  2. Sophie Vaka says:

    What a fabulous episode – my favourite moment was when Kristen & Lauren apologised to each other for name-calling. What a win!

  3. Brittney Crabb says:

    Seeing Kristin, Stephen and Lauren together is a DREAM!!!!! 😭😍❤️

  4. Hu B says:

    Both Lauren and Kristin have grown up so much. There’s no need to choose a side anymore they are equally epic woman ❤❤❤❤

    • dontbreadonme says:

      @Deb Valentine not nitpicking. I’m just a fan that’s interacting with this new content and having an opinion. Not saying I hate either of them, just observing how some little things not so obvious to others but notice undeniably to myself… and some might or might not agree

    • Deb Valentine says:

      @dontbreadonme nitpicking their interactions in 2022 is too much for my teen self lol you just naturally look more at your friends in these situations

    • Mallie Rosette says:


    • dontbreadonme says:

      @Hu B I feel like that’s kind of worse 😭 but maybe it’s just me. Because If I was Kristen and knowing they had zero beef anymore, there would be zero preference to where to the attention is given. It’s not a huge deal, just an observation. Just gave me the ick…again

    • Hu B says:

      @dontbreadonme I think she’s friends with Stephen there’s a comfortability there, she didn’t try and sugar coat that her and Kristin aren’t bffs

  5. Lis Vaj says:

    This episode just shows how much Kristin and Lauren has grown. These two have not blasted eachother in social media for years. They have grown so much and this podcast shows. My teenage self is so happy! Also one thing they both have in common is they are both good friends with Stephen.

  6. Hu B says:

    I do have to say. Lauren’s confidence is unmatched. I think it’s because she truly doesn’t feel a need to impress anyone

  7. Britt Stro says:

    This showed how true to character they kept the show. Even now Lauren is chill and confident, Kristen is bubbly and talks so much and Stephen is in the middle managing personalities and getting a word in when he can. I loved this episode!

    • Mallie Rosette says:

      @Kristi Ann Couldn’t agree more!!! Yeah they both MAKE this show!!!!

    • JeNn0mic0n says:

      @Kristi Ann Exactly and plus Stephen always blabs nonstop in these eps, so hearing Kristin and LC talk and having their back and forth was great in this episode.

    • Kristi Ann says:

      Hahahaha let’s be honest, these two women are THE reason this show was what it was and steven knows it too! He’s a great guys but the girls are the whole personality of the show.

    • Matthew Desmond says:

      Well said and so true.

  8. robert stanley says:

    My millennial heart is full- I’m glad LC agreed to come on and share her experience. Stephen & Kristen, you’re healing nature with this podcast 🙏🏽

  9. lauren lipkin says:

    My 7th grade self is so happy to know Lauren and Kristen never legitimately hated each other, Lauren and Steven dated in 7th, Lauren was dating other guys during her senior year, and I’m no longer on teams I’m team everyone! Happy Tuesday! 🙂

  10. applicvids says:

    Lauren’s perspective changes everything! The show made it seem like she was a second choice to Kristin, while all-along basically from Grade 8-11, she didn’t talk to Stephen since she’d always dated upperclassmen, and when they all graduated she finally started talking to the guys in her grade (ie. Stephen, Polster, Trey, Dieter etc.). And she also had multiple boyfriends they didn’t show, but they did show her single and waiting for Stephen during her senior year. MTV’s narrative was just accepted by the public.

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