Looters strike luxury shops around NYC before curfew sets in

Looters strike luxury shops around NYC before curfew sets in

As the sun set Monday, the looting started once again across Manhattan as protests entered their fifth day in New York City.

Businesses on 5th and Madison avenues were spotted putting up plywood to prevent looting. However, that didn’t stop the looters from breaking in and grabbing what they wanted from the luxury stores.

NYPD officers were standing by shops with shattered windows like the The Nintendo Store, Michael Kors, Kate Spade and Barnes and Noble. Mannequins could be seen on the broken glass-covered sidewalks.

Attempted looters clashed with police as vandals smashed into a boutique tea shop in the middle of Rockefeller Center.

Police made one arrest, tackling a man to the ground.

More details: https://7ny.tv/2MmECU8


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91 Responses

  1. Steven SteveO says:

    I got a feeling i’m gonna be bidding on some of this stuff on Ebay soon.

  2. M Soda says:

    I think organized crime is playing a role in this

    • Hu Kares says:

      Lmao they may tangentially make money but they didn’t “organize” this.

      It’s literally no different than the Katrina looting. It’s about a certain group of people who think they deserve the 5 finger discount.

    • Elin Winblad says:

      Hu Kares organized retail crime groups (also known as ORC to those who worked cases) I’m sure are taking advantage of the chaos.

  3. Special Ed yaay says:

    The people burning and looting these shops will be the same people whinging when the business’s shut down and move somewhere else

    • John Cherish says:

      The people burning and looting are paid to cause this havoc. They are not protesters they are criminal instigators and domestic terrorists. The streets should be swept every night anyone found on the streets after curfew will be arrested and detained without any excuses till they are sorted out. We have perfectly good stadiums unused where they can be detained and interrogated once arrested

    • LEARSI KCIGAM says:

      Nah, those will be rich white lefties that live there

    • ANNA Koncz says:

      Profesional looters Death of one of them is a good pretex of stealing.

    • Zenopos III says:

      Bee Hart sad to see comments like this even after everything that’s happened. But it’s okay be on the wrong side of history it’s the white way after all. There’s hundreds of years of history to back that up. To those white people standing in solidarity thank you. You don’t how much value just your presence brings in a protest.

    • Special Ed yaay says:

      @Zenopos III it’s comments like yours that divide people

  4. Marry1321 says:

    I feel like living n a movie: VIRUS+PROTESTS+CHAOS+LOOTING+CRISIS

  5. John Jo says:

    This gives more of the reason why stores can’t compete online shopping.

    • J M says:

      Online stores dont just have their product in the cloud waiting on you, they store that stuff in warehouses in New York city and everywhere else .so yes they are just as vulnerable but without the giant sign above the door.

    • Joe Smith & Friends Network says:

      @Emanuel Perez yep and the employees and looters all think you are as rich as Jeff bezos and make millions a day forcing them to stay poor. They don’t believe they make more than you

    • SouthSide Chicago says:

      Democratic cities. Democratic mayors. Democratic system. American’s suffering….yet liberals still cast blame on Trump lmao

    • bodayga says:

      this gives more reason why people should not own anything nice or run a businesses in a black area .

    • Kisha McCormick says:

      @bodayga You sound stupid. What does this have to do with black areas? People of all races are looting

  6. Anonymous Poster says:

    this Is all a manufactured conspiracy by the glass industry…
    Soon to be the new 1%

  7. John Buck says:

    2nd amendment infomercial.

  8. the forest of love says:

    These people just using Floyd’s death as a excuse to steal, these people don’t care

    • T G says:

      @Evan NO it’s not cool, it sounds like you approve of this situation. Well maybe the people doing this will come down with the virus and dye.

    • steel ssstu says:

      They don’t care of course because most of them have nothing to lose and most live in crime ridden areas of poorest USA,, this only the start,, your going to have class wars now because of the huge wealth divide

    • Timothy Kring says:

      @Tyler Bergman can’t imagine….

    • gardini100 says:

      @Golden Dinar do not think it was all whites robbing those stores , so i don’t know who was greedy right now ?

    • Vincent Ruvo says:

      The economy wasn”t good with the pandemic. Now this!

  9. Hustle Hard. says:

    Finally! a news media calls it for what it is – “Looters” NOT protestors!

    • The Future Isn't so Bright says:

      @Doug Jones Some of them aren’t white, they are Jews.

    • Alex O'mayaley says:

      @Eric Savinto There is a need for violent protest because peaceful protest DOES NOT WORK. we have seen this in America again and again and again and again and again and again but racially motivated police brutality continues and will continue if all we have is a peaceful protest coz then in a month everyone forgets again until the next incident. A message needs to be sent.

    • Whats Up says:

      Black Beauty most of them were black dumbass

    • Darrell Simmons says:

      ….and murderers not cops, don’t get it twisted.

    • cookie22100 says:

      @Whats Up how do you know what most of them were? You zero factual data on that. You’re just watching second long news clips like everyone else.

  10. Rentals Mass says:

    All looters should be killed on sight

  11. Jon bashing says:

    9 out of 10 black dude are the looter..

  12. Reset Null says:

    They’ll sell this stuff online, don’t buy it!!!!

    • Cranky Franky says:

      Kaijsa Dragonborn it dosent have to be electronics

    • MorbidManMusic says:

      And how do you suggest we separate their sales from the billions of others on sale? Be real.

    • Kaijsa Dragonborn says:

      Simple – don’t buy from resellers like eBay.

    • Kaijsa Dragonborn says:

      If it’s “on sale” like that on eBay or Amazon only, it’s either stolen or fake.

      Edit: and you’ll be blacklisted for life from Apple ID services and all of their affiliates if you buy a stolen device “by accident” and try to use it without proper registration.

      And trying to register it will of course end in confiscation of the device and an investigation into your transaction history to find the sellers as well.

      And it’s not just electronics that have tracking now. Everyone from the manufacturer to the legit sellers install them on luxury items for insurance reasons.

    • jen jaradat says:

      I did the same thing how many things will be sold on eBay

  13. Carpathian says:

    How is this different from when they helped themselves to retail goods after the Hurricanes hit Florida and Texas?

  14. Daniel K. says:

    I’m glad that Joker 2 it’s already started filming

  15. juan dela cruz says:

    ” i can’t breath! ” Ok thanks brO, now it’s time for us to Loot!!! 🤪 this is America 😜

  16. sock monkey says:

    Did you see what Hong Kong did to looters and non peaceful protesters they sprayed people with blue dye to mark so if they went out the police would know what they were doing

    • Michael. G says:

      @Richard Bartolo Yes- The one that has Anthrax in it.

    • sock monkey says:

      Wow thanks for the likes !!

    • Mikey Khoe says:

      @pactastic heeyy.. thats what america needs to do. U idiot.
      Vietnam, bay of pigs, iraq, yugoslavia, black hawk down, and just last year america started a trade war with china no?
      Focus on your own country kid. Look at it now, *its a shithole*

    • Linda says:

      @Eric Borja If they were “Regular Protesters” they would not be where looting and burning was being done therefore getting sprayed. Innocent people do not Protest with Thieving, looting, property damaging POS.

    • Linda says:

      @Vagabond-Savant The Autodidact-Serviette Conspiracy theorist idiot!

  17. vi3tbwoi says:

    Waiting to see someone post a youtube vid of them walking around asking the “looters” “whats the name of the guy that died?”. See how many of them actually know

  18. billy kent says:

    It’s funny how these people pretend to care about George Floyd’s death when all they really care about is themselves just a bunch of thieves

    • TheGamerxx08 says:

      You do know the art of “rioting” was learned from whites? In the “Wild West” days if the town didn’t like their sherif or he was abusing his power, the people would literally tear the town down. But mainly most towns were robbed and burned to the ground due to outlaws, who would threaten the sherif to give their gang a peace of mind to stay there without him tipping it to the government.

    • ANNA Koncz says:

      @Evan Civi war is coming.

    • Bobbie LaVanway says:

      @Pg 13 FoR tHe Lil KeEdz “These people” would refer to those in the video I would guess

    • suckatit says:

      Your country deserves it, your country is know for having corrupt white cops for many years now this was bound to happen

    • Always faithful Always forward says:

      You know who they’re talking about

  19. Akieelah Johnson says:

    These people don’t even care about Floyd’s death , their just using this as an excuse to steal .

  20. Linara says:

    these lowlifes are literally fueling the stereotype everyone else is fighting to break

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