Loren Gray – Queen (Official Video)

Loren Gray – Queen (Official Video)

Listen to “Queen” by Loren Gray now: https://loren.lnk.to/Queen

Spotify | https://loren.lnk.to/Queen/Spotify
Apple Music | https://loren.lnk.to/Queen/AppleMusic
iTunes | https://loren.lnk.to/Queen/iTunes
Amazon | https://loren.lnk.to/Queen/AmazonMusic
Google Play | https://loren.lnk.to/Queen/Google-Play
Pandora | https://loren.lnk.to/Queen/Pandora
Tidal | https://loren.lnk.to/Queen/Tidal

Instagram | http://instagram.com/loren
Twitter | http://twitter.com/iamlorengray
Snapchat | http://snapchat.com/add/loren
Facebook | http://facebook.com/thelorengray
Spotify | https://loren.lnk.to/Spotify


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27 Responses

  1. Mery says:

    *That gold dress is everything* ??

  2. İlkim Sönmez says:

    Loren ı am turkish and ı love so Much❤️❤️

  3. Sassymyblock Edits says:

    The only queen I know is Freddie Mercury. PERIODT

  4. Aamina B says:

    slayyyyy queennnnnn!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Yoitsjustchloe says:

    Low-key, her songs are everywhere. I went to H&M and they played kick you out. It’s pretty good

  6. Hana Wiess says:

    Loren has grown so much throughout the years, like going from a smol girl on musically to a pop QUEEN. Honestly, speechless.

  7. Sushmita Pathak says:


  8. milena l says:

    ok this is pretty badass though

  9. Princess Dickerson says:

    Im new and imma boy

  10. Alia Lavanya says:

    Who is here before 1 million?
    I love the video!

  11. Cassandra Bosquet says:

    Can i please have a like Loren u look like a badass i love u so munh i would be so happy tomoorrow is my birthday it eould maje me so happy

  12. Niki SunShine says:

    I’m from Spain and i Really love this song!!! I love you Loren , you look is so pretty ?

  13. Jemilie Rivera says:

    Wow great song!!! You killed it??

  14. xoAceFamilyxo says:

    i thought this was gonna be cringey but i would actually add this to my playlist

  15. Christoria says:

    WOW! This is hella nice! GOOD JOB! I STREAMED IT!

  16. Charlie Kitten says:


  17. Emely Maldonado says:

    This is incredible and yesss slayyy QUEENN???❤️??❤️

  18. Hannah James says:

    I would totally download this on iTunes

  19. landes strange says:


  20. Kayla Martinez says:

    i feel like she got the cage scene inspiration from suicide squad

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