Loretta Lynch and Bill Clinton meet in Phoenix

Loretta Lynch and Bill Clinton meet in Phoenix

Lynch and Clinton met at Sky Harbor Airport on Tuesday.

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20 Responses

  1. Phillip Gordon says:

    The Clintons are corrupt, just like Trump has been saying.

  2. Leigha Nanopoulos (LOOKUP!!!) says:

    Gross Clintons in Az… Just cuz it’s hot it ain’t Hell honey keep digging

  3. 8w9hf89hw says:

    response every time someone asks “what’d you guys talk about?”

    Eh, grandchildren, vacations, golf, yknow.

  4. Stephanie gone Wild says:

    Yrs cuz going out of your way in the friendly skies the best way to talk
    about your grandchildren. Yup. Fun fun

  5. rob nichols says:

    this woman is crooked !! no one was poseto know . can you say conflict of

  6. David Hoel says:

    I call Bull Sheiatt!

  7. playit at1point5speed says:

    fucking crooks

  8. My Friends says:

    nothing to see here folks just move along. LOL

  9. Foolish Guac Merchant says:

    How is this not illegal? They can not be meeting with each other when she
    is the head of the DOJ and bills wife is being investigated! Shame on both
    of them! And no way they just talked gold and grandchildren for 30 minutes!
    How on earth did they both just happen to be on the same Tarmac in Pheonix
    Arizona of all places at the same time? This is shady as fuck!

  10. Keysha West says:

    free the slaves you hypocritical white jackasses!!!!!

  11. Ripper Alpha says:

    Does anyone know What Golf Course in Phoenix Bill Clinton played on and
    What Time? What was Bill’s official reason for being in Phoenix?

  12. Kaybowser says:

    Oh No Bill would not speak of the case….RIGHT

  13. MysteryASMRguy says:


  14. Aaron A says:

    This seems like an ethics violation.

  15. G Shock says:

    I love how they gotta go outta their way to tell us what they didn’t talk
    about… Who the fuck they think we are ?

  16. Mickel Burgess says:

    Talk about the good old boy system an total government insiders making
    deals behind closed doors. Of course AG lynch should step down but the fix
    is in an the elites think they are above the law they demand the rest of us
    obey. The whole system is rigged.

  17. Criss the Nightbringer says:

    Why the hell is she referring to either Bill or Hillary as president. Just
    googled it. It is not supposed to be used as a former title for anyone
    other than the current president of the US. Jesus.

  18. Shelley Ashurst says:

    Key statement she made: “it was PRIMARILY social” – referring to their
    discussion. This means it was not ENTIRELY social, and something official
    was indeed discussed. This woman has to recuse herself from the case. Full

  19. mckeen771 says:

    Well they just don’t stop doing Criminal shit do they.

  20. 18661873 says:

    More lies.