Lori Harvey spills how she’s grown through dating | Bumble presents Luv2SeeIt with Teyana Taylor

Lori Harvey spills how she’s grown through dating | Bumble presents Luv2SeeIt with Teyana Taylor

Teyana and Lori are longtime friends who’ve seen each other through wildly different seasons in life. Today, Teyana picks Lori up from her latest set and invites her for a talk on the Rose Mobile’s daybed. They open up around how they both think Lori has grown in the past few years, what Lori wishes she knew earlier, and how to look for the right signs in a relationship.

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28 Responses

  1. Ayanda Wesi says:

    Lori carries herself with so much class and grace, you can just tell she’s sure of herself. I love that she’s being selfish with her 20’s and putting herself first, love that for her & Teyana is that awesome big sister friend everyone needs to have. Loved this!❤️

    • William Johnson says:

      That is the one downfall of being “mature for your age” when you in your “selfish years” ( – 20s): Hanging with actual older folk in their 30s+ who kind of forget you younger and asking why you not doing the same things they are doing. LOL. Lorrie is ALWAYS on note of what’s happening around her.

    • Gena Brianna says:

      @The Bridge found the man

    • The Bridge says:

      What does being selfish mean lmao? Being unaware of who u are so u act immaturely after u did everything u learn a little lesson then act like it was all part of the process, thats delusional ego thats not the way to be lol. Be humble and real, the world doesnt revolve around u

    • Anjel C9kmourtney says:

      Shes such a capiii😌😊

  2. Chae Beauty says:

    Women are realizing more and more that we hold the power to our happiness and if something isn’t for us there’s no need to force it. It doesn’t make the other individual a bad person or less worthy of the love they seek. They’re just not for us and that’s okay. I can see Lori really really loves herself so in the end she’ll be happy, regardless! 💖

  3. Precilla says:

    Lori lives life the way she wants. She puts herself first and that’s why she is the girl she thinks she is. 🤷🏽‍♀️✌🏽

    • Bigk3695 says:

      @Nik-at-Nite what does that have to do with the statement at hand? How does that even become true until it happens?

    • Nik-at-Nite says:

      @Bigk3695 No, we would’ve just said that we weren’t surprised. Most people weren’t thinking they were going to walk down the aisle so it is what it is 🤷🏽‍♀️

    • Bigk3695 says:

      @Invaderzimheadass usually those who it applies to tend to dereflect, shame and insult due to the fact that what I’m talking applies to them. Typical modern feminist response with no data and statistics to back it up. How does that show projection rather than an observed and statistical truth??

    • meek Mond says:


  4. Maxine Wells says:

    I enjoyed this girl talk. We need more of this. Kudos to Lori for staying in her power, living her truth, and not settling. Lori reminds me so much of Aaliyah.

  5. Miss Jourdy says:

    Teyana is so authentic! Love her as the host of this series. The Bumble dater guest was really great too. Can’t wait for the next conversations!!

  6. Daisy Amour says:

    The fact that Lori holds herself so high and doesn’t let the pple of this world influence her judgement or mood is amazing. I’ve come to a point in my life where I’m questioning why is loving so hard? I now realize it’s not. Loving the right person will come easy when it’s time. Focusing on yourself and YOUR happiness is truly living. <3 loved the girl chat.

  7. Trecia Johnson says:

    I love how these 3 women are so different yet similar in some ways, they are so true to themselves and so beautiful and wise. I love how Lori is extremely mature and poise for her age, we don’t see that very often in this generation, it’s really nice to see 👏🏾💕

  8. Brianna Pianh says:

    This was so authentic and held SO many gems for young women who are dating, preparing to date, or even getting to know your own self.

  9. Renita Bentick says:

    One of the many reasons why I love and respect Lori so much is that despite everyone’s opinions about her and all of the rumors she continues to let the people say or think what they want about her, she’s not on here wasting her time trying to prove herself or her character to a bunch of strangers on the internet. There’s just a lot of mystery and a lot of guessing to this woman and I love that. Also I’m loving this whole topic on dating and the different perspectives, I’m sure a lot of us where young and dumb when we first started dating and now as we get older we start to figure out who we are and what we want in a relationship , I know for some that might take a little bit longer but that’s better than just jumping into relationship/marriage without getting to know yourself first or not navigating what you like or don’t like.

  10. Hello YouTube says:

    I came for Lori but stayed for Pietrina! Soo many gems and wisdom from this woman.

    • William Johnson says:

      THAT PART! At first, I was like “Oh, another regular person guest.” But then it was that one point towards the end where she commanded the conversation and really dropped wisdom VERY securely. . . You say her name is Pietrina? Can we see her anywhere else?

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