Los Angeles Chargers vs. Jacksonville Jaguars | 2022 Super Wild Card Weekend Game Highlights

Los Angeles Chargers vs. Jacksonville Jaguars | 2022 Super Wild Card Weekend Game Highlights

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33 Responses

  1. ActivBowser9177 says:

    Trevor Lawrence is a great example of the saying, “It’s not about how you start, but how you finish.” To throw 4 touchdowns after throwing 4 picks while leading your team to a 27-point comeback is a great testament to how resilient he is.

    • MannyT says:

      Justin Herbert is wasted on this team. Bad owner, coach, players…..he is the only reason this franchise achieves anything and should leave, not sign a contract, go to a real team.

    • Kenny Brown says:

      @vuama2 they probably lose to KC but Jags are foreal and i liked that game . y’all future bright with Trevor Lawrence . he started off horrible but he turned it around and everybody saying it’s all defense well he didn’t have great field position the entire 2nd half to say that he still made big plays

    • Allyn Kee says:

      @Kenny Brown one playoff appearance and your Future bright LMAO

    • mighty says:

      @Arsenio’s ESL Podcast what don’t put this vision on us your making our community look bad

    • Kenny Brown says:

      he’s never been a quitter . jags future is bright !

  2. Come Fast To Get Into My Body says:

    This was a clear example of leadership at every level by the Jaguars. Lawrence never lost his composure after 4 interceptions, the rest of the team kept calm and coaches made adjustments that paid off.

  3. CHIEF TRICKY says:

    This game is a prime example of how important team momentum is.

  4. Deandre Johnson says:

    Was at this game last night. The amount of fans that stayed when we were down 27-0. Knowing full well how capable this team is of coming back. Beautiful man. The bank never wavered and the team never folded. I lost my voice last night from all the hype. Its always DUVAL TIL WE DIE BABY!!

  5. Philly Phan says:

    What a game Trevor Lawrence is incredible for throwing 4 picks in the first half and still being able to keep his head up and win an incredible comeback great game and can’t wait to see the Jags in the divisional round

  6. John Hynes says:

    The Chargers. Never fail to disappoint.

  7. jose carlos says:

    That was a great comeback, the Charger defense was totally overwhelmed.

  8. mthlay15 says:

    Rolling inside to stay in bounds was a 100iq play. Too often players forget to keep the clock running in situations like this! Great game

  9. Beast of Burden says:

    As a Jags fan, how no one is giving credit to Doug Pedersen. Our team was down 3 possessions at halftime, couldn’t make a pass to save our lives.

    The way he inspired Lawrence to get out of his slump and inspire the whole team to make a comeback is nothing short of amazing. Add to it his playcalling was virtually perfect.

  10. Jxyz Byyy says:

    That kid (Trevor) is resilient. What a comeback. My team didn’t make the playoffs, but Tevor is fun to watch.

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