Los Angeles in 4 words (YIAY #439)

Los Angeles in 4 words (YIAY #439)

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38 Responses

  1. Jay says:

    #YIAYbig Fortnite 2: featuring Fur Suits. The main song is obviously Despacito 2 sang by the whole entire Emoji Movie cast.

  2. Ivana Mark says:

    Who will get Klondike and who will get Sundae?
    Find out in the season finale of Johns and Erins divorce!
    Monday, on YouTube Red

  3. Happy Dude Me says:

    #YIAYbig Shrekpacito 2: Ligma Strikes back

  4. Creamy Memey says:

    #YIAYbig You walk out on stage. Crowd goes silent. You pull out a 1m ruler and say ”The announcement is this big, its pretty big huh?” and then walk off stage

  5. Leoreo says:

    #YIAYbig you will 3D print your forehead and use it like a coasters

  6. Browk says:

    Definitely didn’t see that Honey sponsorship coming

  7. Divine Savage says:

    #YIAYbig An hour long YIAY for YIAY 500

  8. LittleZari says:

    #YIAYbig That you have finally decided to let Erin out of the basement.

  9. DinosOnFire says:

    #YIAYbig Jack is having a child.

    and Erin is not the mother

  10. Ómar Hrafn Pétursson says:

    #YIAYbig creating last year I asked you:LYIAY

  11. Shashwat Richariya says:

    #YIAYbig You’re setting Erin free?

  12. coolman 360 says:

    Forehead reduction surgery

  13. Sandra Jordan says:

    Hey jacksfilms

    Tap on Me

  14. super_cat_panda says:

    #YIAYbig Can’t wait to see nudes of your whole family, John.

  15. Someone says:

    O my god is this fourth part?

    Alexander yes it is

  16. middleschool studios says:

    Full length Jub Jub movie

  17. Gus Vanskike says:

    #YIAYbig you got hired by dreamworks to write Shrek 5!!

  18. Dim TS7 says:

    #YAIYBig *You will fight with Logan Paul* _(if he won’t have any broken ribs from the fight with KSI)_

  19. Dim TS7 says:

    #YIAYbig *You will start a gaming YouTube channel*

  20. jabba keene says:

    #YIAYbig you’re going to be a voice actor in the emoji movie 2, where they add a forehead emoji

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