Los Angeles Police Commission meets in wake of regional unrest

Los Angeles Police Commission meets in wake of regional unrest

Watch live: The Los Angeles Police Commission was meeting as protests over George Floyd’s death continued in the region. #LAPD #GeorgeFloyd

Story: https://ktla.com/news/local-news/l-a-police-commission-holds-1st-meeting-since-protests-started-across-the-city/

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81 Responses

  1. Jay Tulip says:

    20 seconds in and they all look like they don’t wanna be there

  2. masseiy says:

    Calls begin after 1:10:00

  3. Gman 613 says:

    This is just a roast session tbh

    • Hamza Lionslayer says:

      ong bruh😭

    • floweruji says:

      Tim Osman the rules was to lick the boot not make a wholeass meal outta it

    • Ink Fox says:

      @Tim Osman All lives matter? Then why did the cop kill George? Clearly all lives don’t matter, they suddenly matter when issues like this are addressed.

    • Wiener Stein says:

      @Tim Osman Yeah dude. I gotta say if you actually did a little research and got out of your conservative safe space you wouldn’t say things like that. I’m just talking to a wall wasting my time. The people outside are starting a revolution and I’m sitting here playing into your games. I’m sorry it’s my fault timmy. I’ve failed you. Now stop listening to Ben Shaprio and go read a book. It’s good for you.

  4. Jules No cap says:

    This should be put on a speaker in a protest

  5. Alexia says:

    7 hours of dragging people in authority brings me a feeling of euphoria

    • B P says:

      You’d like Ethiopia they have an anarchy for govt! Lol

    • jamey wade says:

      This was like chicken soup

    • micah neves says:

      B P technically that would mean that they have no government, as anarchy is the complete removal of it. And also this in incorrect a quick google search would tell you that Ethiopia’s government is a democracy. Lol

  6. Amy Tovar says:

    i studied while listening to this lmao

  7. Matches Malone says:

    Bruh these mfs don’t care. Just look at em.

    • Silent Madness says:

      @Julia Duong at least we got a laugh

    • PandorasTmrw says:

      The opening statement was read off a tablet or piece of paper and with pauses and errors lol. If that doesn’t give idgaf vibes I don’t know what does. #minimaleffort I’m sure none of them even wanted to be there

    • Apple Slipper says:

      Good thing that some of the citizens called out the LAPD for being half-hearted.

    • tigbittiez6 says:

      it pisses me off so much.

  8. littlemissanime123 says:

    We CANT let them get away with this. We can’t let the protests die down until we get justice and reform, we cannot forget, we cannot stop. It took 6 days of protests to pass the Civil Rights Act and a lot more before that. Who knows how long it’ll take to achieve change now. But we can’t stop.

  9. Elisha Williams says:

    That police chief doesn’t care at all looking around looking down putting on and putting off his mask he gotta go

  10. joe i'mjoe says:

    Damn, was hoping for them to respond to people, this is lame

    • Bruh Bruh says:

      they can’t respond because the people are right, if i were them i’d resign on live💅

    • Alyssa Jasmine says:

      Bruh Bruh RIGHT like how embarrassinggg. your whole city wants you gone? embarrassing.

    • Bruh Bruh says:

      Alyssa Jasmine like fr how can you just stand there and not care- i would’ve been so ashamed😔

  11. Brandon Williams says:

    I bet that zoom room had the best smelling bacon… roasted for 8 straight hours

  12. Jolyn N says:

    they were on their phones the majority of the time, and for mostly black people/poc speaking. the disrespect 🙄 they deserve all the drag they got

    • gutted says:

      exactly they were so disrespectful to the people making COMPLETELY VALID points about police brutality and racism and they didnt care its so disgusting 🙁

    • hope says:

      right! I was so angry! The people who called them out for looking bored are amazing

  13. royal ranking says:


  14. Crobisaur says:

    Black Lives Matter, Defund and de-militarize police forces.

  15. ur mom says:

    their lack of interest throughout this whole thing speaks volumes.

  16. Angelina Guan says:

    The fact that she’s reading the thing blankly??? She obviously doesn’t even care to pretend that she cares.

  17. Molina says:

    They won’t care until it personally affects them.

  18. PlacecheckersHD Official says:

    LAPD received zero star ratings by LA residents.

  19. Chris Meade says:

    This was all a PR stunt, they dont actually care. They weren’t even listening 90% of the time

  20. Emma says:

    “The cellphone camera has offered more protection for Black Americans than any of your law enforcement”

    • materialclassified * says:

      Not for all black americans..
      David Dorn’s murder draws ZERO coverage from CNN, MSNBC

    • Hayley Tagliaferri says:

      materialclassified unfortunately, not everyone can record police brutality, but the statement is true.

    • Duder says:

      materialclassified * CNN is literally the first result when you google david dorn. Sorry that doesn’t fit your narrative or whatever but stop lying dude

    • Righteous Drifter says:

      Unfortunately not even cameras help,which there’s no better evidence than a recording.How many recordings have we seen of police brutality against African Americans and Latinos and still theres no justice,not even a few months in prison.Us white people just have to face the FACTS that we are privileged by being able to live our lives without discrimination or harassment/brutality by the corrupted racist U.S. system.

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