Losing the Battle

Losing the Battle

If you are in need of help, please reach out:
US: 1-800-784-2433, 1-800-273-8255, 1-866-4-U-TREVOR
Canada: +1 416-408-4357, +1 514-723-4000
UK: +44 (0) 8457 90 90 90, +44 (0) 8457 90 91 92
International List: https://bit.ly/Ka8gdC

We’ve had a lot of ups and downs over the years, but today is, without question, the saddest day in the history of the Theorist community. We’ve lost a friend and team member, Ronnie “Oni” Edwards. For those who don’t know, Ronnie has worked on this channel longer than anyone, hosting his own show as well as editing a HUGE number of the videos you’ve watched. In six years of working together, he contributed so much to what The Game Theorists is today. His loss is one that comes after years of him bravely working to move beyond the trauma of his past, fighting an internal battle every day, a battle that eventually became too much for him. This video is to honor his memory and remind everyone out there who also struggles with anxiety, depression, and suicidal thoughts to reach out and keep talking because YOU ARE NOT ALONE…even when it feels like you are.

We’ll miss you, Ronnie.

Digressing and Sidequesting: https://bit.ly/1rxBUgz

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67 Responses

  1. Alegria Peters says:

    Thank you so much for this message, MatPat. I know this is a hugely emotional and painful time, and you’re dealing with conflicting emotions. I’ve dealt with severe anxiety and depression for the past 3 years, and I’ve been suicidal. I understand both sides of this experience, and neither is anywhere close to easy. The best way for you to honour his memory is to not stop loving him, he deserves that much. If I’m being honest, I broke down a couple of times while I was watching this video. I know how you’re feeling, and I want to tell you that you will hurt. You will grieve. But, you will be okay, I promise.

  2. Marvel bilgileri ve FNAF teorileri MTY says:


  3. Dylan Ray Golden says:

    Remembered And Never Forgotten

    Rest In Peace Ronnie. . .

  4. Futaba Sakura says:

    The death of this theorist will never be forgotten even after the end of Youtube. He is one of those who built this community. May he rest in peace and remembers us with a smile. We, the theorist, a community created by you, Ronnie “Oni” Edwards and your friends will cherish your work as long as we live, breath and eat. You, my dear, will never be forgotten.

  5. Cdoggle says:

    Anyone who disliked this video shall go to hell

  6. ThatCartoonDude says:

    10,000 dislikes. A death occured, and you don’t pay respects?

    • The Penguin says:

      Yellow Drax yeah, you’re not being a good person right now. You can also broadcast it to discuss suicide, show the impact, and hopefully get more people to seek help or be aware that those around them need help. Be a better person going forward.

    • Spectrobe's Gaming Corner says:

      Yellow Drax some people just use it to update. Especially since he has been a part of matpats team for years. We dont know if he monetized from this. He could have personally demonitzed this.

    • Josias Solis says:

      ThatCartoonDude EXACTLY!!!!

    • Da Turtle says:

      It’s the fact it feels insincere, heavily scripted, and almost like a cash grab.
      That being said, I suppose spreading the message for support and putting a memorial message out is nice, but take for instance the video MotePlox (a Runescape Youtuber) put out about the death of his very close brother. It was short, concise, with a donate like to help pay for funeral costs.

      This is over 10 minutes ($$? I have adblocker built in so I can’t turn it off to test) and MattPat is REALLY bad at coming off as normal and human with the way he speaks and how he chooses his words, so it makes him sound fake even if these do come from the heart.

      I’m not criticizing anything here, nor is it how I feel about this video, it’s just my take on that opinion or whatever.
      Hell, I dislike a lot of videos that I ACTUALLY LIKE because it’ll tell the YouTube algorithm not to fill my recommendations with them so much, so that might have something to do with it.

      Rest in peace, Ronnie.

    • Eduardo Alvarado says:


  7. Marksman Gaming says:

    This channel helped me through dealing with Suicide and depression. Thank you Matt. RIP

  8. BradynAnimates says:

    Everyone spread this message:


  9. Alexa Braixen says:

    “With every death there’s a birth” you an amazing person matpat and never foget, it’s hard to lose him but it’s ok were here for you…. we love all of you

  10. Caleb Hillhouse says:

    I never watched any of Ronnie’s videos I think I will for May for Ronnie I watched a lot of Game Theory videos and a lot of them you mentioned Ronnie the same thing of Gaijin Goomba I heard Ronnie did editing and also had his own videos I still have not watch them for some reason I don’t know why I will watch the videos for memory of Ronnie . Matpat you and the other YouTubers i watch saved my life multiple times this entire situation is very similar of Markiplier’s friend Danny from cyndago he committed suicide two years ago Danny and Ronnie lost their battle may they rest in peace

  11. Gray Griffon says:

    Love you Matt.
    Take care of yourself, your wife, and your baby. Yeah?

  12. Elizabeth's Street Animations says:

    Omg I’m so sorry. R.I.P
    Ronnie is such a good person.
    But we all hope for the best of you, and everyone around you, especially Ronnie.
    When I see someone sad, im sad. So if anything gets in your way, please know that many people are with you and love you. We all give blessings to Ronnie, you, and everyone.

    • ElusivexChanteuse says:

      Elizabeth’s Street Animations like my pics on insta @yellowstainedwhitevans also follow me ❤️

  13. CaramelQueen Gaming says:

    How tragic.

    My father past away in 2013, I stopped skating, I stopped working out, I stopped everything I ever enjoyed but because of his passing I figured out that I love playing videos games. One I realized I really enjoyed them I to try and make videos but it wasn’t until a couple years until I got the guts to do something about it
    Years went by, I got into a toxic relationship, got pregnant, forgot who I was inside. I went through a depression so hard it seemed like I was trying to commit suicide every other week. After that, things just got a lot worst. I became a single parent in debt with no job, no car, no where to go. Suicide wasn’t an option anymore because I thought to myself, if I kill myself, who is going to find my daughter or when.? I hated everything and everyone. Once my daughter fell asleep I would turn to alcohol. At this point alcohol was my only friend. The last time I tried to commit suicide, the police was involved. I was so depressed not even video games made me happy anymore but one day I decided to pick up the controller and play, I said why not. I didn’t enjoy it that first time. After 20 minutes id get bored. Little by little I began to get that love again. Two months later here I am trying to pick up where I left off, trying to make my dream of gaming being my career.

  14. Alec Steve says:

    I am so sorry. I lost two friends to suicide, both I never saw coming. If you need help, call those numbers. And if you know someone that needs help, be there for them. :'(

  15. Kawalabearcheese Shrubb says:

    To those 10,000 heartless people who disliked this video. You disgust me.

  16. Just Your Average Gamer says:

    Press ‘F’ to pay respects.

  17. COD Fanatic says:

    I never really watched this channel but finding this on #1 Trending I decided to watch this video.. I never knew Ronnie but I do know that this channel’s fanbase and Ronnie’s friends will miss you. Rest in Peace Ronnie…

  18. Luigikid Gaming says:

    Praying for you Ronnie, we will never forget all the amazing work you did for the community! 💚

  19. Kyrie R says:

    I’m not asking to take your time… I’m telling you to take time off. Please do not make videos for awhile and do not worry about us. I love you so much MatPat… So, you don’t have the choice. Take your time, and once you think you’re ready to come back, take one more day off to sleep on it. Ronnie would want you to continue the channel but, he would also want you to take your time…

    • Jerry Reece says:

      No He must Feed me with weekly videos, if he does not, im unsubscribing my 3 million accounts, ronnie was a kkk member and does not deserve to be remorsed

  20. silvershadow says:

    I have been watching your videos do 5 years, and I have loved them. Rest In Peace, Robbie, you will very much so be missed. Rest in heaven ❤️

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