Lost in Space | Date Announcement [HD] | Netflix

Lost in Space | Date Announcement [HD] | Netflix

The Robinson family, part of a highly trained mission to establish a new colony in space, is unexpectedly pulled off course forcing them to crash land on a lost planet.

Lost in Space premieres April 13, 2018.

Watch Lost in Space on Netflix: https://www.netflix.com/title/80104198

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Lost in Space | Date Announcement [HD] | Netflix

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74 Responses

  1. affiliated mania says:

    Omg.. this . Is fantastic…

  2. hugo says:

    Captain Flint is coming to the space? Black sails with some tech shit? I’m in.

  3. Usman Ajmal says:

    Netflix has give us more original shows than all other streaming services combined.Hats off👍

    • Valentina Simmons says:

      Usman Ajmal This is actually a very old show. But I’m excited Netflix is remaking this. I watched the show as a kid and
      watched the movie with Gary Oldman. ☺👍

    • Valentina Simmons says:

      DragonDavyd And reruns in the 70s lol

    • hystErick says:

      Out of all ACTUAL original show trailers you decide to comment on a trailer of a show from 50 years ago -_-

    • Anthony Duck says:

      It’s not original!😵

    • The Dark Angel says:

      I think this Lost in Space reboot is going to be really good. The boy Will is going to realize he is gay later on and the character Dr. Smith is suppose to be a kickass Trans Woman this time around The Black character Judy is Maureen’s daughter from a previous marriage. Lot’s of good drama.

  4. Drew Pennycook says:

    DANGER WILL ROBINSON! I totally forgot about Lost in Space… neat.

  5. The Professional Narcissist says:

    Is this Lost in Space or Interstellar?

  6. Latifey says:

    looks kind of bad

  7. Vandrefalk says:

    Oh god, I still have the old VHS with Matt LeBlanc xD haha. Flint though <3

  8. Bad Movie Night says:

    No Matt LeBlanc? IM OUT

    • R134eS2o says:

      Bad Movie Night he’s too busy trying to be discount Jezza….

    • Galactusz007 says:

      Edward Mor0n. Oh stop with the angry self victimization acting, lol. One, I could give two fucks about you and your dad…and your feelings for that matter, lol. You are nothing to me but a blip. Oh boo hoo hoo…you were offended, lol. Get the fuck outta here, you lame ass self-suffering inferiority complex self. Boo hoo hoo. Jump off a building already, the less whining bitches breathing precious oxygen such as yourself, the better for the world. Jump! Oh look, I’m capitalizing BIRACIAL and NATURAL BORN SON, and OFFENSIVE, hear me roar, lol…

    • Galactusz007 says:

      Edward Mor0n wants to see an onscreen relationship between a 50 year old dude and a girl barely outta high school…you disgusting pervert.

    • Galactusz007 says:

      Edward Mor0n. Why did you delete the bit about God or something…or that I’m somehow shaking, lol. One, I only follow and worship the Spaghetti Flying Monster. Two, shaking? Shaking? You mean milk shake? Why in the world would I shake at some YouTube comment? What are you, 6 years old? lol…

    • Rushu Barua says:

      Because Joey will finish all their food supplies …

  9. LarryBonson says:

    Danger Will Robinson Danger.

  10. Tony Crony says:

    If billy Mumy ain’t in this I’m not watching.

  11. James Murphy says:

    If one of the Robinsons doesnt at least attempt to bang the robot Im cancelling my subcription Netflix…..you have been warned.

  12. Brent Braniff says:

    Thank you for this, Netflix. I really hope this is a big success. Lost In Space deserves something special and this looks like this is it!! That look on Will’s face as the hatch closes is perfect….The hint of John William’s theme….The Robot’s voice…Everything is there for a successful lift off for more Robinson adventures. Again….thank you.

  13. Danny Francis says:

    Ah the old adopted token.

  14. mr y mysterious video says:

    the robinson family just had to adopt (presumably) a black sister in the name of PC and tokenism? oh and presumably a camp old man will still somehow find a way to sneak on to the spaceship

  15. Craig Smith says:

    Wait for it, wait for it…wait…… and there’s the token black character. There she is.

    • Rick Thrailkill says:

      Rico Ricardo My ex gf was black and she was a RN and wanted to pursue her career as a doctor. And she was confident and independent and I had nothing but respect and admiration for her. Now u sayn most, I get it maybe u were dealt a wrong hand in life or ppl treat u differently but don’t assume most ppl are like that. U don’t know, everyone is different and the only ppl u can truly account for being that way are the ppl that have done it to u or u have witnessed.

    • A dude's thoughts says:

      I see no problem with a black character at all. I have never really gotten the token character thing. As long as the character is done well who cares.

    • That Guy says:

      The Dark Angel of course he will

    • Christopher Bloom says:

      Is penny adopted?

    • Christopher Bloom says:

      I just watched the 1998 remake on Netflix.

  16. James says:

    Wonderful, ruin another sci-fi classic.

  17. E Cognitio says:

    The lady divorced her husband and got full custody of the children and married a black man who had a daughter from a one night stand, and now they’re headed to space.

  18. cooldog2168 says:

    I love you wife.

  19. Nomicro4u says:


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