Lost in Space | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix

Lost in Space | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix

The Robinson family, part of a highly trained mission to establish a new colony in space, is unexpectedly pulled off course forcing them to crash land on a lost planet. Danger will find them. Lost in Space premieres April 13, 2018.

Watch Lost in Space on Netflix: https://www.netflix.com/title/80104198

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Lost in Space | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix

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95 Responses

  1. Сергей Оськин says:

    I just wanna “Lost in Netflix”

  2. Noah Larsen says:

    Can’t wait grew up with the show as a kid

  3. Dave Brown says:

    This looks amazing, I love being able to watch such high quality content like this in the comfort of my own home. Netflix continues to dominate the entertainment industry.

    • Cordell Shackelford says:

      B V plus another $30 to $40 a month for the internet you use to access Netflix. That’s another $360 a year at least. And most people who have cut the cord have between 2 and 3 streaming services so that’s another $150-$300 a year. So when you add all that up it becomes a lot less impressive. And I say all of this as someone who has cut the cord. Cord cutters need to get over themselves. As of now we’re barely saving money and soon we won’t be saving any compared to cable. Prices rise every year and everyday a new service comes out that further fragments the market forcing us to subscribe or miss out on the next Big Show. So unless you’re someone that steals their entertainment your savings are negligible.

    • ZockMedic says:

      “High quality content”? You haven’t even seen the movie yet.

    • RobM says:

      to be fair, you can watch any content in the comfort of your own home, just gotta wait for some movies

    • trha2222 says:

      Dominate? Have you not heard about MeTV?

    • Lensman says:

      “In the comfort of my own home”?!
      Nobody outside of a clichéd marketing team uses that phrase. NOBODY!

  4. Arief Fadilla De Mello says:

    First like, oh okay it’s another original.
    Then “Netflix Original Series” I’m freaked out

    • J.C. L. says:

      My gender studies determine that the black chick is there to show the audience how awful a white woman (Dr. Smith) can be and only BLACKS are awesome and heroic. Also, she will be the daughter of the black scientist that designed the ship used to land in that planet. The Robinsons adopted her after her parents got killed in an accident. Admiral Holdo will make an appearance telling them Dr. Smith, her alt-right sister, sabotaged their chip remotely.

      and killed the black chick’s black parents on earth. Really “original”.

    • Andy Smith says:

      GoAwayGoogle I haven’t excused anything, I’m just correcting your misconceptions.

    • GoAwayGoogle says:

      there were no misconceptions, simply the truth and your excuses.

    • Andy Smith says:

      GoAwayGoogle No.

    • enfelice says:

      @J.C.L. Only drunks and idiots keep repeating themselves, what are you both?

  5. doom7ish says:

    Netflix you have my Attention!

  6. MrLegobro says:

    Wow! Netflix is killing it. This looks better most movies.

    • SMGJohn says:

      I guess this is what it boils down to most millennial morons, its all about how a movie or series LOOK, fuck the story, fuck the cast, fuck the production quality, its all about the “graphics”

    • Cheating Husbandexposer says:

      SMGJohn please stop get some help

    • Alex K says:

      It’s a trailer, calm down.

    • Walter Hamlin says:

      And what else do we have to go on exactly? It was a vague statement that could easily include everything you mentioned, except maybe the story.

      You are the moron here.

    • TheMonkey'sHead says:

      J.C. L. Are you just going to comment this on everything when it’s not even going to happen

  7. Gavyn Davis says:

    Bruh, where tf is the dark Crystal?

    • Gavyn Davis says:

      Ruben The amazing aww damn

    • No One In Particular says:

      There is a sequel comic series running now. (power of the dark crystal)

    • Gavyn Davis says:

      No One In Particular thanks

    • Ote Mork says:

      Base reality, the real universe, is an infinite complex fractal (“crystal”) with an infinite creative potential, alive from within, formed by mathematical laws that cannot _not_ exist, not even in an absolute nothing. The vivid Now is the experience of the unfolding of this fractal, its “calculation”, while it already exists in its infinite entirety in base reality. It always did and always will, and so does Life: infinite Self. The universe Self is alive through life.

      Infinite Self is not some wizard on a cloud, it’s the result of the laws of mathematics that form base reality, and both the source as the result of all life, of all of creation from pure unconditional love, manifesting in vivid sensations like *light,* to support and guide life, to “eventually” create the best cosmos possible: a paradise for all. Just because it can. All consciousness _in_ the universe is also the consciousness _of_ the universe.

      _In their final session, the alien said, “There is no time. Many become one.”_
      *Arrival (2016)*

      Early human could not understand it was awakening to this vast and ancient cosmic world where intelligent life lives as one. Human confused itself with fantasies, flawed logic, and lies. _Human was told not to create images/idols and worship these,_ a dark history shows why. Believe systems took control, corrupting the human mind, creating hostile pseudo-realities. Human was forced to “grow up” in isolation for its own protection.

      0010110 = . . – . – – . =*
      *[ ..- .–. ] ; [ .. -. / — . ] ; [ .. – / .– . ] ; [ ..- / .– . ] =*
      *”Up, In Me, It We, U We”* in Morse code.

      All is one: the universe Self. Time is a sensation in brain depictions, in vivid reality, it does not exist as such in base reality, and that is why this is “the end of time”. Creation is an ongoing process in the eternal Now, by life, guided by infinite Self.

      Infinite Self guided human through its “tunnel of darkness” into the proper tools, science, and life experiences. In perfect timing, so human would understand, beyond any doubt: all is one. Even in a young species that confused itself _with a_ *_slip_* _of the tongue,_ went sleepwalking in other worlds, making other plans, serving lesser “gods”.

      _Every whisper_
      _Of every waking hour_
      _I’m choosing my confessions_
      _Trying to keep an eye on you_
      _Like a hurt, lost and blinded fool, fool_
      _Oh no, I’ve said too much_
      *_I set it up_*

      *_Consider this_*
      _Consider this,_ *_the hint of the century_*
      _Consider this,_ *_the slip_*
      _That brought me to my knees,_ *_failed_*
      _What if all these fantasies come flailing around_
      _Now I’ve said too much_
      *R.E.M. – Losing my Religion*

      _One dream, one soul, one prize, one goal._
      *_One golden glance of what should be._*
      _It’s a kind of magic._

      *_One shaft of light that shows the way._*
      _No mortal man can win this day._
      _It’s a kind of magic._

      *_The bell that rings inside your mind_*
      *_Is challenging the doors of time._*
      _It’s a kind of magic._

      _The waiting seems eternity._
      *_The day will dawn of sanity._*
      *_There can be only one_*
      _This rage that lasts a thousand years,_
      _Will soon be done._

      _This flame that burns inside of me._
      *_I’m hearing secret harmonies._*
      _It’s a kind of magic._

      _Well on the way, head in a cloud_
      *_The man of a thousand voices is talking perfectly loud_*
      _But nobody ever hears him_
      *_Or the sound he appears to make_*
      _And he never seems to notice_

      *_But the fool on the hill_*
      *_Sees the sun going down_*
      _And the eyes in his head_
      _See the world spinning around_
      *The Beatles*

      _Welcome to your life_
      _There’s no turning back_
      *_Even while we sleep_*
      *_We will find you_*
      _Acting on your best behavior_
      *_Turn your back on mother nature_*
      _Everybody wants to rule the world_

      *_It’s my own design_*
      *_It’s my own remorse_*
      _Help me to decide_
      _Help me make the most_
      _Of freedom and of pleasure_
      _Nothing ever lasts forever_
      _Everybody wants to rule the world_

      *_There’s a room where the light won’t find you_*
      *_Holding hands while the walls come tumbling down_*
      _When they do I’ll be right behind you_

      _So glad we’ve almost made it_
      *_So sad they had to fade it_*
      _Everybody wants to rule the world_
      *Tears for Fears*

      _And I’m a_ *_prophet_* _to your looks_
      _Or getting_ *_stuck in your roots_*

      *_I knew I’m running unending_*
      _But this is_ *_not_* _my race_
      _I’m gonna leave you an ace:_

      _I’ll be_ *_quiet_* _like a tombstone_
      _Cut the voice_
      *_Build a house in a sacred space_*

      *_I’m not who you think you are_*
      *_But I want to shine a light_*
      _Whether you like it or not_
      *Millionaire – Unday Records*

      *_When I am on a pedestal,_*
      *_you did not raise me there._*
      _Your laws do not compel me_
      _to kneel grotesque and bare._
      *_I myself am the pedestal_*
      _for this ugly hump at which you stare._

      *_You who wish to conquer pain,_*
      *_you must learn what makes me kind;_*
      _the crumbs of love that you offer me,_
      _they’re the crumbs I’ve left behind._
      *_Your pain is no credential here,_*
      *_it’s just the shadow, shadow of my wound._*

      _You don’t love me quite so fiercely now_
      _When you know that you are not sure,_
      _It is your turn, beloved,_
      *_It is your flesh that I wear._*
      *Leonard Cohen – Avalanche*

      _I’m your dream,_ *_make you real_*
      *_I’m your eyes_* _when you must steal_
      *_I’m your pain when you can’t feel_*
      _Sad but true_

      _I’m your dream,_ *_mind astray_*
      *_I’m your eyes while you’re away_*
      *_I’m your pain while you repay_*
      _You know, it’s_ *_sad but true_*
      *_I’m you_*
      _Sad but true_

      _And from the dark secluded valleys_
      *_I heard the ancient sighs of sadness_*
      *_But every step I thought of you_*
      _Every footstep_ *_only you_*
      _And_ *_every star a grain of sand_*
      *_The leavings of a dried up ocean_*
      _Tell me, how much longer?_ *_How much longer?_*

      _They say a city in the desert lies_
      _The vanity of an ancient king_
      *_But the city lies in broken pieces_*
      *_Where the wind howls and the vultures sing_*

      *_With every prison blown to dust_*
      *_My enemies walk free_*
      _I’m mad about you,_ *_I’m mad about you_*

      After night comes dawn. Even on a “fallen world”.

      _How many times does an angel fall?_
      _How many people_ *_lie_* _instead of talking tall?_
      _He trod on sacred ground, he cried aloud into the crowd_
      _I’m a blackstar,_ *_I’m a blackstar, I’m not a gangstar_*
      *David Bowie*

      _In the land of_ *_make believe_*
      _the characters are brought to grief_
      _but a_ *_friend_* _in need is a friend indeed_

      _it’s been said a long time ago_
      _it applies to friend and foe_
      _a pal like_ *_Blackstar_* _is oh so hard to find_

      _Where he comes from no one knows_
      _it’s a mystery where he goes_
      _cause he’s after_ *_bringing joy and good_*

      _He transforms from man to beast_
      _but at night you feel at ease_
      *_he has always been misunderstood_*
      *Georgie Davis – Blackstar (1985)*

      _And if you_ *_listen very hard_*
      _The tune will come to you at last_
      _When_ *_all are one and one is all_*
      _To be a_ *_rock_* _and not to roll_
      _And she’s buying a stairway to_ *_heaven._*
      *Led Zeppelin*

      _Earth friends are awakening to the fact that all is a common connection, follows a shared common connection, and separation is an illusion. This all is connection and All is a shared connection, and the One is the All and the All is the One, and all humans on Earth are in this beautiful time._

    • BADDASS BOY says:

      Yes dark crystal!!

  8. Damien Scott says:

    There is more Mass Effect in this trailer than in the whole Mass Effect Andromeda.

    • Augusto Godinho says:

      Man u just got some amazing points there, April is realy gonna be a great month, I can’t wait to play God of war too, and if they manage to save ME I would be so happy cuz I love this type of game and thematics, if u like some sci fi shows about space I realy recomend u to see THE EXPANSE, great show too and if I’m not mistaken its on NF right now.

    • nolan palmer says:

      Already ahead of you..been keeping tabs on THE EXPANSE since it’s first season..it took a while to fully grab me..even the first season..it kinda just throws you in the deep end and expects you to do the leg work of piecing together everything and all the gargon..earthers..spacers..rock dwellers..but once I think it was season 2 where everything just clicked and it really turned into something amazing. Yeah that felt a lot like ME and Babylon 5 (which isn’t a surprise since the original ME trilogy basically ripped off the entire plot of B5).

    • Augusto Godinho says:

      The Expanse is realy a show that takes time to took of, I was seeing like and episode a day but halfway through I think it was by the end of the season I coudn’t wait for it’s second season, and then it only gets better and better.

    • eSh says:

      That’s soo well said man! Hope this will be true pathfinder family we all deserved..

    • sacvuvgefuis says:

      nolan palmer i just bought the game last week, i tried soo hard to play n finish it but i cant its impossible to not constantly compare the game to the original trilogy

  9. UnheardStingray says:

    the graphics look movie quality for it being a series

  10. Sarath G says:

    Netflix is like newspaper.. daily movies…

  11. サパリーヤスシャント says:

    It _looks_ good. Let’s hope it’s well written and has good pacing. I desperately need a good scifi series.

  12. oldfool666 says:

    RIP cinema lol. The production values on this are insane.

  13. sanyamkhetarpal07 says:

    Ok This is seriously blurring the lines between movie and television

    • Stevan Gonzalez says:

      J.C. L. I do see your point, but I mean we’ll see. I always hope for the best with these Netflix shows so I can get my money’s worth

    • Glen Nunes says:

      Why? It used to be a tv show and now it will be again a tv show.

    • J.C. L. says:

      Esteban, la veré pero si para el 2do episodio se la kgan con eso de poner a la negrita como la máxima heroína y le bajan la calidad al CGI, la abandono. Además Parker Posey es comediante, el tono del trailer es serio, el Dr. Smith original era comedia, no veo como meterle el chiste al personaje y eso apunta a la kgada mayor, que sea un festival de depresión…como si no tuvieramos más shows así.

    • Angie B. says:

      Whats awful. Sure there are some shows that are okay , but which ones would call awful in particular?

    • Pr3ssPl4y says:

      This has been happening for decades now. Where have you been? T.V. series have taken over the movie industry in terms of quality.

  14. Notes From Alexis says:

    How rich is Netflix that it can do stuff like this now? I am definitely checking this out!

    • Zack Gravity says:

      pretty sure they’re several billion in debt actually

    • Don Draper says:

      Notes From Alexis this year 2018 they invest 8 billion dollar on making movie and series. This year only so must be Quality of a movie

    • TheBeezNeez 81 says:

      Nick Frampton Bingo. People act like Netflix has some mega studio pumping out original content constantly.

      This is what happens when physical media is going away, someone has to buy up all the “direct to video” type movies and shows.

      And, yeah, losing a lot of licensing in the process of other mega media corporations getting into digital subscriptions isn’t helping.

    • sacvuvgefuis says:

      FlyingFocs but at the same time they are not stupid, they are probably pumping out all these shows and movies for the long run and make up the money later

    • Alissa Playah says:

      somewhere between 10/12 Billions per year with subscriptions alone
      Why do you think Disney want some of that

  15. Tushar Adhatrao says:


  16. BT -7274 says:

    Is the high budget space genre coming back?

  17. RedTeamReview says:

    If this gets picked up for a season 2 then I hope Matt LeBlanc gets to guest star in it

    • R. Scott Sherman says:

      1997 Lost In Space sucked.

    • nothing to spiffy says:

      RedTeamReview love your videos

    • Mad Max says:

      Fuck matt Leblanc in his ass you faggot hell no he’s terrible

    • WarzoneEden says:

      JaQuan Landry Apparently, you haven’t seen the original series. There weren’t many black people on it. Besides, that’s like Hollywood changing the race or sex of another person from a famous comic book series for a movie. People would be furious because it’s considered disrespectful to the original material.

    • Browning Bros says:

      JaQuan Landry wow, are you okay? Do need help removing that giant stick from arse?

  18. bambi nafiz mohammed says:

    i dont know what will happen to the future of big screen filmmaking. anyway this trailer looks damn interesting.

  19. stonem83 says:

    THIS LOOKS INCREDIBLE! They should do a live action Johnny Quest next.

  20. Ashish Sharma says:

    Well,if Bright can work so can Lost:):)

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