Loud YouTubers

Loud YouTubers

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20 Responses

  1. The God Of Narwhals says:

    JacksFilms- roasting the living motherfucking shit out of fake youtubers since the beginning of the universe

  2. ForceSmart says:

    I’m happy to say that I don’t watch any of those loud YouTubers and that I can only name a couple of them.

  3. Notreallyuseful says:

    I’m suprised at how quiet Jacksepticeye is compared to the others

  4. ham 4 phan says:

    you forgot dan’s laugh

  5. Jishwa, l-/ Tyjo says:

    R.I.P Me, the headphone user
    Death by listening to youtubers obnoxiously screaming their intros
    May she rest in peace. ? Next time, don’t use headphones listening to videos about these annoying youtubers, screaming out their intros. You might die too.

  6. Leo DeChant says:

    I wonder how many copyright strikes he’s gonna get on this video

  7. Henley Taylor says:

    Knew Jack would be in this but compared to some of the other people he seemed rather quiet haha

  8. vvendingo says:

    People forgot that loud doesn’t mean entertaining, it’s just obnoxious

    I think jack does it decently tho

  9. Chris Parks says:

    This seems a lot like a reaction video. Are the Fine Bros. aware that you’re copying their content?

  10. Tallen Smith says:

    Today on Content Cop, iDubbbz will be taking a look at people who just dont know how to shut up.

  11. JesseRoxII says:

    1:05 “Because it annoys you, Jack.” _- Dean Dobbs_

  12. Daypsie Quartz says:

    Jacksfilms vs Jacksepticeye

    It’s a jack-off

  13. GriceLoves Rice says:

    Raise your hand if you knew jacksepticeye was gonna be here????

  14. Ashleigh Ross says:


  15. Sideswipe26 says:

    With hair swept back, the ultimate power of the five head has been unleashed.

  16. basti19basti says:

    The louder they are, the younger the community is. Kids love shouting dumbasses.

  17. demissione says:

    Jack is one of the most clever youtubers because he can gain so many views by doing as little work filming and editing as he can. Plus this man gets sponsors out the ass. I’m honestly impressed?

  18. TheEpic ComboGD says:

    Jackfilms: “Loud Youtubers”
    Me:”Dont deny me Jacksepticeye…”

  19. GianiXFilms says:

    Anyone remember the good old days, when youtubers used to be so calm and quiet?
    *sniff *sniff

  20. jacksepticeye says:

    “….. why?”
    Don’t think there was a better way to end it haha

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