Louis C.K. Monologue – SNL

Louis C.K. Monologue – SNL

Host Louis C.K. discusses what it was like growing up in the 1970s, when it was okay to be racist and everyone knew about the town child molester.

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20 Responses

  1. BobbyPeru says:


  2. gtlip says:

    I am an adult survivor of childhood sexual rape by a male family member –
    Louis CK that was some of the funniest shit ever!!! All you fuck hard
    liberals and your politically correct bullshit go back to fucking Portland
    Oregon with your Birkenstock wearing ass clown social workers!!!! If people
    do not want to be offended then they shouldn’t watch SNL!!!! Or other shows
    which could be offensive. Take some personal responsibility or is that too
    tough coming from the no child left behind gen.

  3. Dustin Travis says:

    He’s a comedian all you sensitive folks, if you can’t hack what he has to
    say turn off the TV.

  4. Eliezer Martinez says:

    Right @ 8:11 I went from having a smirk on my face to just a sudden sinking
    feeling of “wat”. Then the monologue ended so abruptly. This should have
    gone on for at least 2 minutes longer so he could end it on a good note and
    avoid derailment.

  5. Jeff Gee says:

    I’m a comedian and I know about “Edge” material and somehow I don’t think
    this passes the test of funny and social statement plus nothing about Child
    Molestation is funny period!

  6. michelle mclean says:

    I hope this video gets taken off for any reason. As long as it’s gone

  7. Robert Lopez says:

    Hysterical, didn’t like how he had to stop inbetween his child molesting
    jokes. People are too sensitive. 

  8. JazzKeyboardist1 says:

    How Gay is Louis C.K?

  9. Ryan Lapierre says:

    Outstangily uncomfortable 

  10. gameplayer1980 says:

    Killed it.

  11. Gilbert A says:

    The racism thing is understandable and it was sort of funny. The child
    molesting was weird, out of the blue, and not funny. There are TONS of
    other things to joke about right now, and “Oh let’s go with child
    molestation, that’ll get the crowd going!”

    From what I’ve seen, Louis CK is overrated anyway so…

  12. Hydden N. Plainsyght says:

    I have to agree, seeing someone behind the counter of a particular ethnic
    style restaurant that doesn’t seem quite what I was expecting to cause me
    to do exactly the same thing. Hhmm!?

    But in my case, it generally occurs when I see Asians owners behind the
    counter at a local Mexican restaurant or Hamburger and or Hotdog stand;
    perhaps, pizza too. All of them, I generally say, ‘Hhmm?! But I also do
    exactly the same when I see an Asian or Indian doctor; I tend to believe
    they’re much better in these fields. Why is that? Hhmm?!

    Well, he nailed it with the François; the child molester; our town had a
    couple too; and yet, ‘don’t go there’ was what they’d say; ‘he wanted you
    to buy butter for his popcorn?! I was only 7 at the time, and yes, it was
    for his popcorn. You just have to wonder what going on inside of the
    Hollywood movie studios; since they’re filled with them; there must be
    something better than popcorn and butter to appeal to those kids, and the
    risk ‘they’ll’ take to get those kids. Hhmm?!

    Hey; these were all jokes, and Louis C.K. did a great job telling his
    jokes. BTW, we were both born the same year; I can near completely relate.
    Funny times those 70’s for a kid. I was victimized by a perp, but not by
    butter guy. But back then, it was; ahh, don’t worry; you’ll grow out of
    it…no problem. So, my therapist is helping me with that today. Hhmm!?

  13. fangirl sunshine says:

    Louie is funny as hell and a true King of Comedy next to Daniel Tosh. I
    love this guy , Louie always has my jaw dropping and my eyes tearing up
    with joy, he is amazing.:))))))))))). Kevin Hart my be popular but he has
    nothing on Louie and Daniel, that’s for sure.

  14. Tony Mintz says:

    Hah, freaking love him.

  15. SirLordKingGod says:

    Louie is the best! Fucking awesome!

  16. Aza Jabar says:

    Alright to be fair it is a little bit edgy, but No topic is above comedy
    and Louis CK is the man so still laughed, oh and fuck those people who get
    offended I am offended by Gays not getting married why no one gives a fuck
    about me?

  17. Darlene Flores says:

    Not ok with the molestation and candy metaphor. I can live without trying
    to understand a child molestor’s rationales. I think if you have to go
    there to make people uncomfortable or be funny… your not that good.