‘Love is Blind’ Couples Play Truth or Drink (Spoilers!) | Cut

‘Love is Blind’ Couples Play Truth or Drink (Spoilers!) | Cut

The married couples of Love is Blind season 4 played Truth or Drink and got honest about their relationships since the show! Binge the full season now on Netflix!

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‘Love is Blind’ Couples Play Truth or Drink (Spoilers!) | Cut

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45 Responses

  1. Sam says:

    Jackie definitely was the one who called Brett corny, 100000%

  2. KatyJoyous says:

    The way this is 1000x better than the reunion

  3. malmedia says:

    Rooting for all of them to continue to be successful together. It’s such a beautiful thing to see.

  4. Kara Taylor says:

    Literally got more tea from this than the reunion itself!!!

  5. Sydney H says:

    I love Tiffany she’s so goofy and bubbly . Her and Brett are so lovely together

  6. God is Good says:

    I love that Tiffany was concerned that she hurt Brett’s feelings. She never wants to embarrass her husband and definitely not publicly. Good wife. I wish them lots of happiness.

  7. Jaelyn Young says:

    Now who’s hating on Tiffany?? 🤨 leave her alone, she’s such a gem.

    • Camille says:

      @lamay they compliment each other. They both are attractive people.

    • Akina Latoya says:

      That part

    • Ana Acura says:

      @Ayesha Abdul Karim me either til I watched a reaction channel and the 2 guys pointed it out by showing clips. Ijs always question those people others put on an alter – the girl ain’t perfect and I’m no hater but I’m just getting out of a narcissistic relationship and realize that love bombing exists. We may look at them as having no drama, but in an unspecified time in the future.. more can come out about Brett’s possible personality disorder and Tiffany’s dependencies 🤷🏽‍♀️ Married at first sight is a good show imo bcus of the therapists the couples can talk to. I feel like there is a lot more to Brett and Tiff than meets the eye and it woulda been nice to flush it out. I’m not too convinced sry I just think they both were in the right place in the right time – but they’re not perfect 😑

    • Ayesha Abdul Karim says:

      @Ana Acura I never even really noticed her drinking, at least not more than the others.

  8. angelmushahf says:

    Now, do this with Paul and Micah, Zach and Irina, and Marshall and Jackie

    • Queen Tati👑 says:

      Oooooo messyyyyyyyy lol

    • Samuel's Review says:

      ​@TheCRYSTALLURE Right after she hyped her bringing receipts to the reunion

    • Samuel's Review says:

      ​@A Regular Account He’s dating an amazing young lady. They are posted on social media 😊

    • Jasmine Marie Murray says:

      No, leave Paul alone, cause Micah is a mean girl! And, leave Zack alone cause Irina is a mean girl and he’s married to Bliss and he did his already with Bliss! And, leave Marshall alone, he doesn’t want to be around that girl no more!

    • Jasmine Marie Murray says:

      ​@nader85021 Zack had every right to be brutally honest cause Irina was absolutely terrible towards him! Thank God, he got that chance with Bliss and they got married cause that’s a great couple! Irina wasn’t at all! Irina is a freaking mean girl! So, is Micah!

  9. Ahimsa Means Abolition says:

    if cut had their own reality show it would be very good and i would watch it

  10. 𝑨𝒅𝒐𝒍𝒇𝒂 𝑬𝒗𝒐𝒍𝒂𝒏𝒂 ♡ says:

    Zack & Bliss were my favorite couple, their story was imperfect which made it more real

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