Love & Mercy Movie | Teaser

Love & Mercy Movie | Teaser

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18 Responses

  1. MusicFann213 says:

    john cusak doesnt even look the part, he just looks like john cusak sitting
    he doesnt even appear to be in charecter at all

  2. lexmax08 says:

    Already intrigued.

  3. Iván Mont says:

    I so wanna watch this, haven’t been excited for a film in so many time.

  4. Keelan Filtness says:

    Damn looks rad except for the terrible casting of John Cusack haha

  5. Casey Marquis says:

    Those who think that John doesn’t look or act like Brian Wilson in those
    clips don’t know how Brian Wilson looks or behaves.

  6. Ghostly Pop says:

    Love & Mercy Movie
    The film will arrive in cinemas on June 5.
    The trailer gives us a look at both Paul Dano and John Cusack, who play
    Wilson in different eras. The clip is only a minute long, but it gives us a
    fairly good idea of what the film will be like, since it contrasts the fun
    and productivity of Wilson’s early years with his struggles with mental

    Elizabeth Banks plays Wilson’s wife Melinda, while Paul Giamatti plays
    controversial therapist Eugene Landry. 

  7. Miserable Pube says:

    This looks fantastic.

  8. ClassicRockerSr101 says:

    John looks pretty damn like the 80’s Brian. I think it works well, he
    changed so much physically that a drastic change like this is required to
    be accurate. Also, Cusack has been noted to be putting a lot of effort into
    talking one on one with Brian and getting the role down. Don’t count him

  9. TylightsOFFICIAL says:


  10. Jules Mercer says:

    Wow.. was so impressed by dano then comes cusack. Biopics should only be
    made at the very end of someone’s life over after..

  11. mastaharro nig says:

    Classic Paul Dano

  12. Fernando Coelho says:

    This is Fuckin’ Awesome

  13. Dylan Chambers says:

    I’m not really sure why Paul Dano couldn’t have just played both young and
    old Brian Wilson. Make-up today makes using a sub-par actor as older
    version of a main character completely unnecessary. Not to mention Cusack
    really looks nothing like Brian Wilson.

  14. ElliottMorgan says:


  15. ByteFM says:

    Im Juni kommt eine Hollywood-Verfilmung von Brian Wilsons Leben in die
    amerikanischen Kinos. In den Hauptrollen Paul Dano (der junge Brian Wilson)
    und John Cusack (der alte Brian Wilson).

  16. Robb Donker says:

    If the movie itself is as bad as the casting then this is seriously going
    to suck balls.

  17. CUONG PHAM VIET says:


  18. The Fallen One 666 says:

    didn’t the beach boys steele music????