Lovejoy – One Day (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

Lovejoy – One Day (OFFICIAL VIDEO)


Written by Wilbur Soot and Joe Goldsmith
Produced by Cameron Nesbitt
Mastered by Shaw

Directed by Wilbur Soot
Edited by Wilbur Soot and Elodie Grenville
Special thanks to Nathan Kidd

One day I know that you will be there
One day I’ll focus on the future maybe
One day, oh baby isn’t life so
F-cking Inconsistent

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40 Responses

  1. Cyrotech says:


  2. Chaseroony says:

    the singer seems pretty cool, he should start a youtube channel or something

  3. josie harris says:

    *inconsitenly twerking*

  4. Elliot C.D. says:

    *og dysphoric twerking*

  5. Tubboo says:

    We are all gathered here today, knowing that we are all OG Lovejoy listeners.

  6. Isabella says:

    Wilbur said this was the worst one out of all of them, UM SIR THIS SHIT SLAPS

  7. Madison Edwards says:

    **confused on why everyone is twerking twerking**

  8. phoebe soot says:

    *confused and peer pressured twerking just because everyone else is twerking and my socially anxious self doesn’t want to be the odd one out*

  9. phoebe soot says:

    *og pansexual twerking*

  10. Jocelyn Montes says:

    *og pansexual twerking*

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