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Low Budget Amazon Movies

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00:00 – intro
00:26 – summertime christmas
09:59 – ally & obie
27:57 – food box!


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37 Responses

  1. mikuramen says:

    this blue haired freak again??

  2. Tim Chantarangsu says:

    Bruh I am in a TERRIBLE movie on Prime and I so badly want you to review it but I also feel bad for the people involved 😂

  3. Aurora Chantel says:

    I love that “you can’t discipline your children” literally just means you can’t beat children anymore.

    • hippieduck says:

      @Aurora Chantel Haha, totally! Because we all know – being a decent human being is their, I mean God’s invention. Not at all something we’ve had to learn through evolution – from living and working in tribes and finding ways to not have our own people go against each other and instead connect through the magic of SPEECH. Alas, “In Rod, I mean God, we trust.” Hallelujah.

    • Aurora Chantel says:

      @hippieduck Right? She fully brought her hand up on this kid who isn’t even 4 foot tall. And then like pissed off puts her hand down like “dangit, the law says I can’t:/”
      Course these are people who literally believe that believing in God is what makes people not want to murder, etc, instead of just, oh idk, not being a psychopath. But whatever stops you from mass murder I guess 🤷🏻‍♀️

    • beemoviefan847 says:

      like there are so many other options but because you can’t physically abuse them whoever made that movie was like “well I’m all out of ideas!!”

    • hippieduck says:

      I was lowkey surprised when she raised her hand to, you know, teach conflict resolution like a good role model should (lol). Like, they didn’t even try to hide their BS. Santa is nothing more than a self-insert by the writer who just wants parents to smack their kids around instead of putting in the work of being proactive (because that wouldn’t be ‘deserved’). “Parents need to blast back threefold to really _feel_ as if they clapped back on a problem, ya know? Merry Christmas and Happy hurtful cycle of reactivity and negative reinforcement!'”

  4. Morgan Tremble says:

    i like how amanda was allowed to dye her hair back to regular but drew is still being punished

  5. beth says:

    Ally & Obie feels like a movie I would make with my cousins at a sleepover at our grandparents house

  6. GWest says:

    I have a feeling the writers of Ally & Odie thought the film would feel more “natural” without a script, but instead you get scenes like:
    13:52 “We have a new stor…uh… student joining us!”

  7. MoonStruckBunny says:

    Amanda always looks so proud about finding the horrible movies, never let her go.

  8. The Special Interest Show! with Jupiter August says:

    I love that they got her a Build-A-Bear instead of TAKING her to Build-A-Bear to let her make it herself.
    Like, I’d be fuckin upset

  9. Madi says:

    i love how christmas movies assume that kids are so obsessed with christmas, they think about it all year long
    a kid might do that one year, but on average, i think most kids forget about it between new years and halloween

  10. B Matos says:

    The most relatable thing ever was the grandpa coming in claiming to help just to realize the math is different then what he learned and to dip 😭literally why my parents could barely help me once math got more complex. Also how everyone just judged her for not getting math instead of helping. I related way too much…i’m now 19 and still bad at math 😔

    • Deb says:

      I was able to help my kids with their math until they were in @ 4th grade, when it became completely foreign.
      I sucked at math until I got some good teachers.

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