Lucas The Spider – I’m Starving

Lucas The Spider – I’m Starving

What’s a spider gotta do to get some food around here?! Wait…what does Lucas eat??

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58 Responses

  1. Lancer The best says:

    Top 10 best anime friendships

  2. MOCmedia says:

    Metabol-what? -Lucas the Spider

  3. Jenifer Peiris - 2020 says:

    You hold such power in those tiny little legs <3

  4. Ruby likes Sloths says:

    Who wishes all spiders were like Lucas

  5. l i g h t p i n q says:

    The creator of Lucas is my mom’s best friend’s brother! Like so he can see ^^

  6. That1Tomboy :3 says:


  7. TD says:

    Lucas The Vegetarian Spider

  8. Destructo 5250 says:

    Fat Lucas the Spider???? Adorable video!

  9. nameless Manuel says:

    Lucas looks fluffy af

  10. The Lonely Dewott says:

    “It’s my fast metabolism.”

    • Death of A ketchup packet says:

      The Lonely Dewott I can relate to that fly. I eat a shiton of Oreos a day and for some reason I have a six pack. Then again I’m still a kid so…

  11. SAYLOR COOPER says:

    It’s so cute how he says, “this is called buttered toast!” I don’t know why, it just is!!

  12. POUCAL says:

    Oh my god I want a Lucas the spider MOVIE

    • Daniel Swaving says:

      Yes “Lucas the Spider
      ” Go for the dream, make a full produktion movie. You seem to have enough fans to at least be able to do a kickstarter for a 40 min “Movie”.

      Some ideas:
      Humans are gone. (He and his friend, needs to try and survive as his humans go on a vaccation and they are left alone.)
      Lost in the city (He and his friend crawl on to a car that drives away and they get lost in the city and tries to find a way to survive and make it back home.)
      Lucas band: Lucas tries create a band and goes out to look for mebers to create a band and play in a local… “Tree branch” or were ever insects preforme)
      Space adventure (Lucas get’s to be the first (or first cute) spider in space. Where things take drastic turns)

    • Hyp3rBeatz YT says:


    • Ryan Loud says:

      I want it so bad!

    • tristan biese says:

      +Looack the Messiah of memes they could set up a GoFundMe. And raise the money themselves so a big company wouldn’t have a say in it. It may take awhile but I’m sure that could work.

    • Mark Lucas says:

      I enjoy sharing Lucas vidios with my grand children.

  13. ultimateNerd 4eva says:

    Lucas, literally the only spider who wouldn’t harm a fly

  14. Big Al says:

    This is how you build a cinematic universe!

  15. Nic5 Cyprus says:

    When the best part of the rewind was a cartoon spider that appeared for less than 10 seconds then you know you have a problem

  16. Taikamuna says:

    Those strawberries were bigger than Lucas himself

  17. Mr Piesac says:

    The title scared me…
    But then I remembered this is Lucas we’re talking about

  18. Buildosaurus-LEGOSAURUS says:

    Vegetarian spider lol ?

  19. kawaii kid says:

    Me:**tells a joke**
    My friend: 0:28

  20. Anime America says:

    Flies are friends. Not food.

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