Lucas The Spider – It Slipped

Lucas The Spider – It Slipped

Summer is here! Lucas and his friend found a new toy to play with – if only they could get it to stay still!

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41 Responses

  1. NAVEEN RAJ says:

    Hi My dear lucas
    Your are amazing…
    Creators of lucas are truly amazing…
    Thanks for another comical lucas video…???

  2. George Vega says:

    no one:
    absolutely no one:
    no one on this earth:
    lucas: i’m gonna boop it
    lucas: boop

    • ThatOneNoob348 Plays says:

      no one on this Earth:
      Also me: it was truly funny because to humans ice is danger but to spider *boi* it safe
      Also ALSO *ALSO* Me: at least u weren’t rude

    • ThatOneNoob348 Plays says:

      @ToxicTurquoise 454 just say it’s a bad joke and not put “fucking” in it because it’s more rude.

    • ThatOneNoob348 Plays says:

      @Xxspack JarrowXx have u ever made a good comeback? If not you shouldn’t be talking

    • ThatOneNoob348 Plays says:

      @Xxspack JarrowXx ALSO *ALSO* he wasn’t trying to say bad words so yeah u can’t really do anything about that

    • Ilse Briseno says:

      He’s so precious ???

  3. stika chicka bock bock says:

    Fly: I’m okay
    Spider: *sighs and flops arms

  4. Ultra Instinct Agent Eleven says:

    34 MINUTES AGO?!
    Oh no im too early
    Call me back in a year—

    *oh my god lucas is so cute*

  5. 5tolokitas says:

    I love how he is so worried about his friend XD

  6. Jeon Jennie says:

    Lucas: *the only spider I can watch move without screaming*

  7. New3DSLUIGI364 says:


    I Love how adorable he is; I’m So glad this video came out so soon after the previous one!!

  8. Ashleigh Tompkins says:

    I just love how Lucas’ first instinct to seeing anything new is to boop it!

  9. John the Addictive says:

    Omg i was so scared when his friend accidentally fell in the drain

    1 like=100 kisses for lucas!

  10. Random Fjord says:

    Me: right, gotta study now


  11. ChasehaWing says:

    Its so nice those 2 remained friends and now go on silly adventures together. Love the skate park references.

  12. Pooja Bommireddipalli says:

    Mirror mirror on the wall…
    Who’s the cutest of them all?
    Lucas:- Oooh! I’m gonna boop u mirror.

  13. thebeast619 says:

    he better not boop that ice
    *I’m gonna boop it*
    Don’t you do it Lucas…

  14. Steven Matthews says:

    The ice cube at the beginning scared me too, I got caught off guard like why-

  15. Prshnt shnkhwr says:

    I am scared of spiders since my childhood but lucas is really cute i must say????❤??

  16. Frokyo says:

    *Lucas does some sick moves*

    Tony Hawk: *Chuckles* I’m in danger!

  17. Jonathan Schmidt says:

    The beginning of every great scientific discovery ever made started with “I’m going to boop it”

    Thank you for this little animations of pure joy.

  18. Roxy Love says:

    My baby brother is name Lucas and he loves your videos keep up the good work ?

  19. Superstars says:

    Hi, my name is Lucas

    **Ice cube falls and slips beside Lucas**

    Lucas: *AAAAAAGH*

  20. Dr. Dupladoe says:

    I love how Lucas’s answer to everything is “I’m gonna boop it.

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