Lucas the Spider – It’s Hot

Lucas the Spider – It’s Hot

Oh boy, it sure is hot outside! How does a spider keep cool in the summer?

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50 Responses

  1. Sara Munir says:

    i friggin hate spider’s with all my heart..

    but now i don’t have a heart lucas made it melt 🙁

  2. Edward 40handys says:

    I dont usually go for purposely cutesy things. But Lucas is well executed. GOD HE’S SO CUTE

  3. Kayma Dawson says:

    This is the cutest jumping spider I’ve ever seen

    And I have arachnophobia

  4. Danforth Paleontologist says:

    Me:” I like all animals. ”

    Me after Sees spider:” not the nicest thing but ain’t changing my opinion. “

    Me after Sees Lucas:”I might have a favorite animal… now… nope.”

  5. Beta_theta says:

    He attac
    He protecc

    But most importantly
    He do not give nose boop what the hecc

  6. Magemu says:

    Lucas… Don’t get cooked. Please. For my sanity.

  7. Chloe Collins says:

    Does anyone want a free boop?

    It will cost you one like.

  8. Sloth Juice says:

    Lucas: *exists*
    Me: “Stop being cute I can’t see you through my tears!~❤️”

  9. Poptarts the cat says:

    Those poor little spider feet! ?
    Had to suffer how hot the ground is because of that EVIL sun! ??

  10. Honey-Saur says:

    “Awh das hawt”-
    Lucas The Spider

  11. Taya Star says:

    “Look it’s a baby polar bear!” Oh my gosh, he is so innocent it kills me. ??

  12. Lexie Elliott says:

    Love Lucas, he can come live in my house, got dozens of Daddy Longlegs he could be buddies with.

  13. Ant- on- Tree says:

    My two favorite things.
    *A Dog and Lucas*

  14. So Ni says:

    YES! Spiders are our friends. THANK YOU for making this one irresistibly adorable! ❤❤❤

  15. Faded [Inst1nct] says:

    Lucas doesn’t come around much, but when he does I’m never disappointed!
    Love u Lucas!!!!

  16. Matthew King says:

    “Should we make Fly plushies for our fans?”

    … Is… is that even a question that needs to be asked?

  17. ryuukage87 says:

    “Summer time’s my favorite!”

    You’re dead to me, Lucas. **dies sweating**

  18. وئام زماني says:

    Me: i *loove* Lucas the spider!!

    : excuse me.. How old are you?

    aaa.. 35?

  19. Jonathan Gomez says:

    THIS. This ladies and gentlemen. This is the content that I’d pay too see ALL THE DAMN TIME!

  20. Sina Sina says:

    what ever you do
    don’t sell this small beautiful spider to Disney

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