Lucas the Spider – Naptime

Lucas the Spider – Naptime

Finding a good spot to take a nap is not an easy task…
Last day to order the official Lucas the Spider plush is June 23rd!
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40 Responses

  1. OrbitFallenAngel says:

    Lucas the Spider is too cute! I’m so happy that he found his harp and a cozy little place to sleep! ❤??

  2. BrutallyHonest says:

    (Prepares tiny bedroom with a miniature memory foam bed) ANYTHING FOR LUCAS

    • Oli Mercer says:

      hahahah <3

    • Jackson Shepherd says:

      (Puts tiny t.v. And tiny ps4 with crash bandicoot n sane trilogy, undertale, mega man legacy collection, Shovel Knight with all DLC, and 4 controllers.) ANYTHING FOR LUCAS!!!!! ( Gives DVD player and all movies in the MCU along with a bunch of marvel legends, Marvel comics and a hug) ANYTHING!!!! ( Gives Spider-Man costume that fits Lucas) ANYTHING FOR HIM!!!!!

  3. Deaddy Fazpool says:

    I wanna pet Lucas

  4. Goldenblade14 says:

    “My harp?” More like my heart! Ngh, too cute!

  5. DragonMaster Knight12 says:

    Thanks to you,You curred my Arachnophobia!!! ??? Thanks! ?

  6. Matt Vlogs says:

    Lucky toy truck.

  7. marceline the vampire queen says:

    Hey my harp♥???

  8. Techtonic Cubing says:

    Omg it’s the harp again… YOU WILL BE A GREAT MUSICIAN AGAIN!

  9. Ernest videos says:

    This cute “good night” just made my day !

  10. Pedro Super Hero III says:

    Soo cute and lol he found his harp from that bird.

  11. Hasiumcreeper says:

    Hooray for continuity! Glad Lucas found his harp.

  12. Cartoon High says:

    He found his harp!! That one second of resolution just made my day.

  13. DA MotoNeko says:

    Lucas found his harp!

  14. The black Knight 2 says:

    He so cute

  15. Ariel Bernal says:

    Does anyone tell me… what is that thing when lucas get hurt by hot?

    • Charles May says:

      It is a room air freshener. The place Lucas sticks his leg had a block of scented wax in it which is heated by the candle below until it melts and releases it’s scent. The hot wax hurt lucas.

    • Ariel Bernal says:

      Charles May ahh.. poor ph.. we dont have that.. XD

    • Laura Ellen Smith says:

      Ariel Bernal its an oil diffuser. The candle underneath heats the oils above which are scented.

  16. Ariel Bernal says:

    Guys… i regret my decision … war is cancel between birds and human..

  17. MarbleTarble says:


  18. Micoola says:

    It’s only a matter of time before Disney Pixar offers you a movie deal

  19. Dwight Shrute says:

    He made that harp out of my heartstrings.

  20. Cybernetic Husky says:

    Well YouTube you notified me of this video a day late

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