Lucas the Spider – Spinning Webs

Lucas the Spider – Spinning Webs

Lucas isn’t about to let a little adversity get him down. For him, anything is possible!

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49 Responses

  1. Hao Liu says:

    This series changed my view point about spiders completely. Now Im actually glad to see a spider in my house every once a while.

  2. Dave Rucci says:

    There’s a polar bear… I’m gonna go boop him on da nose….. BOOP!

  3. Albert da Squid says:

    This child has cured my fear of jumping spiders. I now have a spider friend named Joe. He lives on my window. He says hi

    Edit: Joe appreciates all of the love. He’s been inspired to finish college and get a real degree. He sends his thanks.

  4. Andrew Bocast says:

    I wandered if, lucas the spider’s new friend is flying bug.

  5. Kevinobsessed says:


  6. Rainbow Awesomeness says:

    I know what took you a long time to do this and I think very high-quality

  7. Enchilordo says:


  8. Aleksandra Kraszewska says:

    he is talented, he is cute, I want to play with him the flute

  9. Gallifreyan_Hunter says:

    And this all started with
    “Has anyone seen my spiderweb?”

  10. Emma Kessler says:

    I have horrrrrible (and irrational) arachnophobia, but I appreciate the importance of spiders, and these videos have honestly helped encourage me to focus on that and work on converting my fear to appreciation.

  11. Ant- on- Tree says:

    I think we found the cure to depression

  12. murasaki9 says:

    I met my first jumping spider yesterday. It was actually really large but he jumped at me and chased me too! I had a little chat with him about the difference in our sizes and how I wanted him to go and live. There were people and students about to fill the sidewalk so he was in danger. He stopped jumping at me and I walked around him.

  13. BROKEN WOLF says:

    i want a lucas the spider plush 1 like = 1 plush to you

  14. Jade says:

    There was a spider just chilling above my kitchen sink for a couple months. I was gonna set it loose but when I went to capture him I saw him fighting a wasp. He won and started wrapping it up to snack on later. I had decided he had earned his rent and decided to let him keep chilling above my kitchen sink as long as he minded his own business. I named him Lucas right then and there even tho he wasn’t the same kind of spider as Lucas. He continued to earn his rent by killing other pests and for the most part minded his own business.
    A couple days ago I didn’t see him in his web. I don’t know if he died or simply moved on, but I’m starting to miss him. Godspeed Lucas.

  15. Dibujos x N says:

    I think that the creators has to Do a Lucas movie 🎬😘
    If that happened It Will be so,so,so,so,so and so cute 😍😊😊☺️

    Like if you think that Lucas is the most beautiful and cute spider in the whole World 🌍

    When i saw Lucas the spider for the first time i was so enjoy about his work with This channel.

    I LOVE this channel 😜😚

    A BIG,BIG,BIG like

    Oooooohh and i want to Buy the new toy of Lucas the spider, It is soooo cute 😊😜😘🙃😃

  16. Carl S says:

    Jumping spiders actually do leave web strands – they leave a single tiny drag line behind them when they walk and jump as a tether to catch themselves if they should slip or miss a target they are jumping towards.

  17. Kody Whittington says:

    How dare anyone tell Lucas he can’t do something. Sweet heart can do whatever he sets his mind to

  18. Rachel Lee says:

    Please give Lucas a friend!!! Maybe something like a crane fly or a honey bee?

  19. Kevin Whittaker says:

    Every body that disliked have no soul . also sub and hit that bell

  20. Andrei Dela Cruz says:

    Im gonna jump on lucas web so i can be his friend…who wants join? Anyone?

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