Lucky People Having The BEST DAY EVER

Lucky People Having The BEST DAY EVER

Lucky People Having The BEST DAY EVER! Do you wish you were one of these lucky people? Leave a Like if you enjoyed! Watch last video Subscribe to join the Wolf Pack and enable notifications!

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60 Responses

  1. twinies 101 says:

    Why did the key almost falling into the elevator hole give me anxiety oof

  2. Emma King says:

    The largest “4 leaf” clover was actually 27 leaves

  3. Essahl says:

    Sssniperwolf: We Gucci
    Me: I’m poor l, I got no money

  4. Pom-Pom 2008 says:

    Me: Mom can I have a pet snake?
    My mom: *pulls out bag of Cheetos* We are testing our luck today.

  5. Isabella Axland says:

    If someone watches this when covid-19 ended their gonna be so confused when she said lock down

  6. Yellow-Sketch ari says:

    Once I was at my uncles house and he said if me and my cousins and siblingsfound a four leaf clover he would give us 20 or 40 bucks I don’t remeber that well this was a long time ago anyways and then I found a five leaf clover and I showed my cousin and he threw it than later i was trying to look for it in the lawn later to realize that he had not thrown it and he kept it in his hands and gave it to my uncle and he got the money I was so pissed

  7. SuperStar Fola says:

    Sssniperwolf: THICC nana
    Me: *thinks of a thicc grandma*

  8. •little devil buster• says:

    “To sprinkle some luck to your life”

    Does that mean I am free from coronavirus ?

  9. Anthony Wagner says:

    Plot twist: They are all cousins

    Double Plot Twist: It’s Alabama

  10. Maricar Buenaventura says:

    Title: “Lucky People Having The BEST DAY EVER”
    *Also proceeds to show a girl having a Shark bite*
    Me: *That was lucky but not the best day ever*

  11. Anna Kosiek says:

    “Grandma SAD hotel .. CLOSED. You thought I was gonna say trivago but we on a lockdown” 💀💀

  12. caitlyn Joseph says:

    Literally No One:
    Me: Oh poor Lia she’s on lockdown…
    Lia: iTs CoRoNa tImE

  13. Mr Meerkat 101 says:

    Belgium: Invents fries.
    The rest of the world: “Let’s call them ‘French’ fries.”

  14. Doowi Vlogs says:

    Sssniperwolf: starts the video

    what happened to the intro lmao

  15. Matthew Gaming says:

    Lia: How do you get it that long
    Me: That what she said


  16. Sofia Lum says:

    Me: i came late but
    Lia: *sprinkles luck*
    Luna and Lion( my dogs) : *fights*
    Luna: *neck and legs bleeding*
    Lion: *neck and back bleeding*
    Luna and Lion: bloody body
    Me: i don’t know what to do
    Me: what if they’re wounds caught corona virus
    Me: it’s CoRoNa TiMe
    Lumpy , Kaz and Ash: …
    Me: *sights* no luck today i guess

  17. Gho5tSpartan26 Yt says:

    When you’re a tree and you hear a human walking by say “how many $100 bills are made from one tree?” -commits Branchicide

  18. itsmehluciana 21 says:

    “If anxiety was a picture it would be this”

    -sssniperwolf 2020

  19. Amy Blankman says:

    Me reading the title: “Lucky people having the best day ever”
    Me again: The girl is lucky that the snark bite did not go in all the way in,she is lucky but not having the best day ever.

  20. Serenifox :v says:

    “Four Leaf Clover”
    Sssniperwolf: “Maybe they’re just rare but not lucky.”

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