Luis Suarez SCORES as Atletico Madrid dominates Barcelona | LaLiga Highlights | ESPN FC

Luis Suarez SCORES as Atletico Madrid dominates Barcelona | LaLiga Highlights | ESPN FC

Luis Suarez scores and sets one up as Atletico Madrid dominates Barcelona to win 2-0 in their LaLiga clash.

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53 Responses

  1. Mulwa says:

    I feel Thomas lemar hasn’t been getting the plaudits he deserves this season he’s played a HUGE role in his teams success

  2. Raul C says:

    Barcelona is one humble club for letting Suarez and Griezman go to a better team 😂

  3. god YX says:

    First time I enjoyed Barca losing to atletico 😆 saurez got what he deserves

  4. Kahoot Loser says:

    Barcelona’s next two games:
    Barcelona vs valencia
    Barcelona vs Real Madrid
    Barcelona is toast 😬😬

    • Santos Alarcon says:

      Jorge Herrera estas bien pendejo

    • Jay.Stackz says:

      @Jorge Herrera still better than Barcelona, Madrid are crushing Barca

    • Hellz says:

      @Jorge Herrera wow how you find amusement and laughter in your replies is just beyond us. You annoying af bro

    • El Bruh says:

      @Probably Stoned Fr I feel barca is gonna do everything to not lose against Madrid cuz if they do that’ll just salt to the wounds

    • Patt From Wii Sports says:

      @Jorge Herrera they haven’t lost a single la Liga game what are you on??? They have the highest point total in the entire league Lmfao, highest goal difference, etc. Barca is 6th right now

  5. Lautaro Silbestein says:

    felix played a really good game, was big part of both goals

  6. Fictixn _ says:

    As a Barça fan I’m happy for Luis Suárez!! That goal must’ve been a bittersweet feeling.

  7. Jose perez says:

    If I wasn’t a die hard Barcelona fan I would of definitely been an atlético fan. What they’ve been doing for 10 years now is super impressive , being able to compete against giants like Barcelona and madrid to now actually becoming one !

    • Gedhun Choekyi Nyima PanchenLama says:

      Bra real Madrid lost to sheriff from moldovia and Barcelona lost as well in the champions league to a lesser side everyone can compete with any club now except Bayern Munich they still class.

    • Mike Faican says:

      @Gedhun Choekyi Nyima PanchenLama futbol works in cycles, the big 3 clubs will dominate again one day.

    • Jonathan Tejada says:

      Atleti has always been a contender. We’re just not all bandwagon fan boys who automatically support
      trendy teams.

  8. Age of the Geek says:

    Lemar, good to see him find his best form this season, many wrote him off, but he’s finally come good.

  9. jean lenor says:

    I always enjoy how Simeone makes his exist after a game.

    • Anno Domini says:

      @The In-Famous El Guapo Cholo should shake hands NO matter the result…..Pep Guardiola refused to shake hands after losing to MLS ALLSTARS…and is an arrogant loser…

    • Rahe says:

      @The In-Famous El Guapo its discipline. He never keeps his head from the game and that’s a trait the team adopted to make them the team they are. When they win they’re true winners, not sure winners

    • Skelluh says:

      @Anno Domini shake hands with who?Koeman wasn’t even on the pitch 😂

    • qslkk says:

      He really need to go to the bathroom after every game.

    • Anno Domini says:

      @Skelluhyou millenial carefully what i wrote…Game is Over, you shake hands, regardless, even with the assistant if the Head Coach is away…sportsmanship…fairplay, respect…

  10. Samuel Pearlman says:

    Assist, Goal, respectful celebration – Suarez showing his class

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