Luke Bryan Interacts with Man Flipping Him Off at Charlie Daniels Volunteer Jam

Luke Bryan Interacts with Man Flipping Him Off at Charlie Daniels Volunteer Jam

Luke Bryan Interacts with Man Flipping Him Off at Charlie Daniels Volunteer Jam

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20 Responses

  1. Matt Cracco says:

    Lol that man was clearly there to listen to country music, not Luke’s BS

  2. wolliollie says:

    He slaps like a bitch haha

  3. Kenny Hassal says:

    So is Luke Bryan a thug now, or does he get a justification?

  4. JustMeShaun says:

    Regardless of how much of an asshole the fan was. It doesn’t give him the
    right to physically assault him. now hes opening himself up to a lawsuit
    from this asshole and possible criminal charges. he was better off stopping
    the show and having security remove him.

  5. Kelly Agnes says:

    Hi. I work for Entertainment Tonight. Can we have permission to use your
    video on all platforms with credit to you?

  6. Conner Cox says:

    This song is trash

  7. 1godlessmonkey says:

    So he punched the guy and then run away like a little bitch? That’s a
    faggot move!

  8. Rhinogator says:

    Hi! I work for pornhub, would it be ok if we use your video to get people
    off for $?

  9. sandy cheeks says:


  10. Cesar Vazquez says:

    unprofessional he should of just ignored him or say if you dont like what I
    do then leave no need to hit the dumbass guy

  11. bjappleby1 says:

    How the actual F**** is this showing up on trending. YouTube is getting on
    my last nerve. No one actually cares about this crap. A relevant social
    media website doesn’t pander like this. Also, on a slightly related
    note…So help me God if I see another Bee movie meme I will never log into
    YouTube Again

  12. Carbeeezy says:

    Why in the flipping fuck is this shit trending???

  13. BLOCKBUSTER says:

    if you hump the air im going to flip you off too

  14. Eat Veggies - Save Me says:

    Gives country music a bad name. Hope the guy will sue Luke Bryan for

  15. Big Bob says:

    Eric Church would have slept the guy

  16. Wyatt Wilson says:

    I’d have pulled his skinny jean wearing ass off stage right then and beat
    his ass senseless lol

  17. JanitorIsBack says:

    if you going to tell a guy to “come on” you shouldn’t throw such a pussy
    punch and then walk away to hide behind your security

  18. Yomo Kontabi says:

    I can’t blame him, i’d do the same thing.

  19. Yomo Kontabi says:

    HEY YOU! I just made a new banner, plz put your cursor over it and tell me
    what you think.

  20. smoshdoctor smith says:

    hi i work for cnn can i use your vid?