Luke Bryan – Strip It Down

Luke Bryan – Strip It Down

Available on ‘Kill The Lights’ now:

Music video by Luke Bryan performing Strip It Down. (C) 2015 Capitol Records Nashville

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20 Responses

  1. youtube user says:

    so fake and gay

  2. Caitlin Morgan says:

    His Concert Here In Kentucky Was Amazing???

  3. Lilli Crawford says:

    this is a great video ! ?

  4. Antonia Evtimow says:

    YAAAAS been waiting for this

  5. Adriana Rios says:

    I’m going to his concert Sunday!!!! I’m so excited!! ??

  6. Niko Dimopoulos says:

    I’ve been trying to get his attention for ever! Can u guys subscribe, if no
    its fine. I’m just trying to get some subs

  7. Tracy(: says:


  8. Andy M says:

    I’m not into a lot of his songs. Too much sex, tight jeans & shaking his
    booty. But I do like this song. It’s got a more romantic sound. I really
    like” Play It Again” because I can relate. I hear a song I like & I’ll
    start flipping through stations just to see if I can catch it one more
    time. The song I like most is “Drink A Beer.” Didn’t know his story at 1st
    but I know what it’s like to lose someone close to you. I lost my best
    friend of 35 years to cancer. “I’ll remember you & all the times we used
    to…sit right here on the edge of this pier, & watch the sunset
    disappear….& drink a beer.” I can never make it through that verse
    without crying. So, he finally came out with a 3rd song that I really
    like…good for him…& me.

  9. รชตพัสน์ พจน์รัมย์ says:

    wow! nice music

  10. AmericanRebel says:

    This shit is not country. This song is gay as fuck.

  11. Mohack88 says:

    Watching the video made me put the song on replay for another three months
    in a row. I thought I had overplayed it. Ahhhh

  12. Taylor Roark says:

    Who thought for a split second that they were gonna switch wifes? ?

  13. Carly Mullins says:

    this song is probably my favorite right now ?

  14. jeff4justice says:

    I thought this video was going to have a gay twist. Oh well. Back to
    dreaming about Luke marrying me.

  15. Cierra SHINDS says:

    I’m not really into country but I’m definitely into this song!!! Love it :)

  16. Marianne Crabb says:

    I want a man to love me like that

  17. Alexandra Garcia says:


  18. Abigail Christensen says:

    I love this song so much! hearing him sing it live in concert was one of
    the best nights of my life!!!

  19. Jessica Duthill says:

    I love this song!!! ❤❤

  20. SHEILA ALVAREZ says:

    Oh my… It just got HOT!