Luke Cage: Family Matters

Luke Cage: Family Matters

Luke Cage reimagined as a 90s sitcom.

I made this video entirely out of clips from the Netflix show Luke Cage and the song from the Family Matters intro song As Days Go By.

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20 Responses

  1. Major Rants says:

    Here before it is famous

  2. John C Meyer says:

    How about’Guardians of the Galaxy’ done Power Rangers style?

  3. Cloud Stratus says:

    All these characters look the same.

  4. NemRaps says:

    Here before it goes viral

  5. kyle reinhardt says:

    Reddit, checking in.
    Not that people read Youtube Comments!

  6. realblackhart says:

    no Diamondback?

  7. A Z says:

    Seriously, who is the guy who sings these intros? Same voice as other 90s

  8. Dean Smith says:

    Got here before DeFranco.

  9. ziljin says:

    This is the best thing ever! Great work.

  10. Jeff B says:

    which one is Urkel?

  11. Sneaky Zebra says:

    Amazing job, this works so well.

  12. Jay Woodson says:

    Give the Defenders the Friends treatment!!

  13. DumbDuck44 says:

    You should photoshop in a random white guy into the series, just to freak
    people out.

  14. Ramon Suarez says:

    I can’t wait for a Perfect Strangers opening done for Thor and Hulk.

  15. meloD30 says:

    So good. Even better than the Avengers: Full House video.
    A video on the editing & grading would be great.

  16. Randyy1 says:

    Let me tell you right now, this video will be YUGE. I’ve shared this video,
    and people have come up to me, die hard memers, they’ve come up to me and
    said “this video is the best video I’ve seen in a while.” YUGE

  17. ComicsExplained says:

    This was amazing. That is all.

  18. jseeker1867 says:

    Daredevil as a Law and Order intro?

  19. JacobSnakeUp says:

    That shot of Luke and Pop at the end… FeelsBadMan

  20. Hyper says:

    This… this is quality.
    Do Full House now.