Luke Combs – She Got the Best of Me

Luke Combs – She Got the Best of Me

Listen to “She Got The Best Of Me” now on Luke Combs’ deluxe album, ‘This One’s For You Too’:
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64 Responses

  1. Jenna Rollan says:

    If this man doesn’t get famous, no one should.

    • Silverbullets 770 says:

      andrew flatt yeah he wont just be on one he gonna be hosting it

    • countrygirl countrymusiclover says:

      Jenna Rollan you do know he’s already famous right???? He’s had like two or three number ones. I know for a fact that hurricane and when it rains it pours both went #1.and I’m pretty sure one number away did as well. This is his fourth single and his newest so it hasn’t been out long enough to reach number one even if it does go #1

    • countrygirl countrymusiclover says:

      andrew flatt honey luke combs is EQUALLY as talented as Blake but if you ask a lot of the same people who they’ve heard of MOST people are gonna say Blake. Blake’s been around longer. Blake has released more CDs. Therefore Blake has more songs. Blake’s had time to get more famous. Overall Blake is the one who’s more famous. Luke is still new. One CD and four songs off that CD does not make him anywhere close to being as famous as blake

    • kriddle91 says:

      Hes pretty famous he done CMC Rocks here in Australia in March and drew the 2nd biggest crowd… Luke Bryan Drew the biggest but hes been bigger alot longer…! He still drew more in over many other artists including Darius Rucker, Old Domino, kelsea ballerini, Brother Osborne to name a few… We want him back next year ??

    • inked420js says:

      He’s a sell out pussy.

  2. Peniel Ralte says:

    Before 1 million

  3. Silverbullets 770 says:

    Who else stoped everything to listen to this song

  4. Jenny*Co says:

    Yesssss!!! Fave Artist! Loved How It Showed The Accident From “One Number Away” Video In The Beginning. GOD Bless U & May HE Continue To Prosper U!!!

  5. Jhalani Aweau says:

    I like the flash backs to your old vines and music videos ?

  6. John JSK TV says:

    I honestly amazed in this video, it shows how Luke started his music journey.

  7. andrew flatt says:

    Best country artist of my life time and the best role model great person to look up to Luke is the only reason why I’m gonna pursue my dream of being a country music star he really made me believe that a boy from a small town without the best looks can become something love it Luke don’t ever stop??✊?❤️

    • Luke Combs says:

      Never quit chasing your dreams buddy!!

    • Bryan Sanchez says:

      You and me both buddy I’m a Mexican from a small town named Combes in Deep South Texas 30 min from the Brownsville/Mexico Border. I First heard Luke a few months ago one night and his voice his pure raw talent has influenced me like never before. I just mastered his song Beautiful Crazy and am currently working on This Ones for You. Been playing Guitar for 10 years now and I’ve never wanted to play more than I do now.. even makes me wanna quit my job to play guitar full time cuz I really believe that I can make it. It’s time we bring country music back to its former self. Good luck to you brotha

  8. Darrick Lawson says:

    Anyone else notice the couple form the hurricane music video?

    • James Cunningham says:

      Darrick Lawson yessss

    • Crazy Bro says:

      Darrick Lawson I did

    • Robert La Mel says:

      Brenda Oats that reference is from his song I got away with you

    • Rick Thorngren says:

      I already mentioned it

    • Rick Thorngren says:

      Stephen Reed this video of his actually connects 3 or even 5 other videos (songs) of his, basically all that he has out right now like…. Hurricane, One Number Away, this one, She drives me crazy, when it rains it pours, Houston we have a problem & must of never met you, not 2 mention his most recent beautiful crazy, if u listen and/or watch real close 2 each one they all connect, talkin’ about that same couple… and somethin’ everyone can relate 2 relationship wise & soon I’m certian he’ll have more 2 follow, i’m sure it’s bein’ done purposely. He tryin’ 2 do what luke Bryan & Brett Young are doin’ & a few others will follow since alot of the general public has been takin’ more notice of. It will boost up their video views, itunes dwnlods, better likes, cd sales which in turn will raise sales at concerts. So yea it’s makin’ everyone money. There’s gonna be a lot of artists startin’ the same rule of thumb I guess u can say….

  9. Peter Hanson says:

    So I love all the song references, don’t tempt me beer with breakfast. One number away on the tv, I got a way with you with Mona Lisa. The couple from hurricane and honky think highway with his car love the video.

    • Sir Patrick C says:

      Peter Hanson then the “time heals everything” on the carpet is from must’ve never met you

    • Drew Vann says:

      And the video of him singing with the trucks in the field was the music video for Let the Moonshine that he shot while a student at AppState

  10. Silverbullets 770 says:

    I dont care if he is the most hated country singer in the world when i have kids they are growing up with luke

  11. Arri Love says:

    I am forever waiting for new videos! Love love love luke combs.

  12. Arri Love says:

    You are the one person i have a pass with?my fiance doesnt even try to argue my love for you.

  13. sulky panda says:

    2:55 are they real couple now ? or it’s just for video ?

  14. Taylor Meek says:

    Playing this in Australia. Great song by a great Artist.

  15. DonnieAnn Bridges says:

    Love how they used some old parts mixed in with new parts for this video. Love Luke Combs!!

  16. Abhisek Tamang says:

    Luke , another master piece ?? thankyou

    • Pankratiy Gordeev says:

      ??? *Ноt Girls* ► [ ] ◄ *Ноt Girls* ???
      ??? *Hоt Girls* ► [ ] ◄ *Hоt Girls* ???
      ??? *Нȯt Girls* ► [ ] ◄ *Ноt Girls* ???

    • Aide Rojas mayen says:

      Abhisek Tamang música cristiana el alfarero

  17. Colleen Harley says:

    The fact that he incorporated every one of his major songs video into this somehow is AWESOME.

  18. GreenEYESfromOHIO says:

    I can’t stop listening to “Must’ve never met you” and then you drop this on me?! Perfection.

  19. Thin Blue Line says:

    A beer with ur froot loops just the normal morning routine

    • Delores Sanchez says:

      Nice to meet you

    • Jordan Smith says:

      Nicole Kielian the news cast on the tv when he walks in the house is he crash at the end of one number away, the couple from hurricane is dancing in the crowd at one of the concerts, time heals everything is from one of his songs but I can’t think of which one. He has on new boots when he walks into the house I’m assuming they’re covered in red dirt, I couldn’t really tell. Just a few more. Lol

    • Delores Sanchez says:

      One number away is a lovely song from him and i feel the pain he as gone though he is always making my day when im at my lowest i hear his music and smile all thou i cry to one of them its called beautiful crazy

    • Delores Sanchez says:

      I prey i get to see you soon in los Angeles

    • Robert La Mel says:

      Jordan Smith the song is must’ve never met you

  20. Thin Blue Line says:

    Tbh liked the first version of this song better /: it was more raw, but it’s still a good song

    • Crystal Allen says:

      Thin Blue Line seriously thought I was the only one noticing the difference and not liking it. Not as much soul in this one

    • Jacob Ziegler says:

      Thin Blue Line i thought the same thing. It sounds so dull and doesn’t bring out the instruments and voice as much.

    • Hailey Lynn says:

      Thin Blue Line me too. This is the first song of his I actually listened to and really liked & fell in love with and I was a little upset when he changed the tune of it but I still love it nonetheless ??‍♀️

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