Remember that bit in Star Wars The Last Jedi where Luke Skywalker fought Kylo Ren? Yeah well this is that but it’s 16 bit by animator John Stratman. What a world.

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82 Responses

  1. Alexandar Vasileski says:

    Just watched The Last Jedi for a fourth time about an hour ago.

  2. Harry Griffin says:

    I like how when Luke walks no red appears, but when Kylo does the red goes along with his steps, good attention to detail.

  3. Andrea Roll says:

    there’s a part of me that literally melted

  4. David Miler says:

    Wow this was really awesome

  5. Fortzon says:

    Luke looking at the two suns at the end was amazing.

    • Jordon Foss says:

      Darth Knightwing Phoenix Are you seriously arguing that those weren’t two suns in the distance? Jesus this fandom is hopeless.

    • Jaylee Colon says:

      Jordon Foss tell me about it, sir? *Taking notes about Star wars, the dead fandom*

    • rei king gaming and lego productions says:

      Fortzon I cried

    • Pacino Heat says:

      Jordon Foss Wrong. RotS succeeded in this area. The fall of Anakin actually did feel tragic, even in the face of some badly written dialogue. There were enough scenes of buildup i.e. Anakins dream, Anakin and Padme each alone in their own suite on Coruscant staring out into the skyline, the opera scene, and the scene w/ Windu, Anakin and Palpatine. RotS earned it. They didn’t pepper the movie full of scenes making a mockery of Anakin. The Lame Jedi did that with Luke. The Han death scene in TFA, while telegraphed, also did a far superior job of EARNING emotions from the audience. Spare me the “emotional maturity” bit.

    • Mike Noir says:

      Nerdy Nachos

      The strain of his badass projection to stall the First Order is what killed him

  6. raphaelfyi says:

    I cried a bit

  7. Josh Evans says:

    Every time I think of this scene I can’t help but wish that that was real luke and that he just single handily destroys all the at at with the force and cuts up shit. That would have been so good

    • Alex MacMillan says:

      While I agree with the replies, that is not the jedi way etc, I wish his force projection could interact with things and him and Kylie would have an actual duel, and their sabers would clash and maybe Luke would cut off his hand, but never kill him, to give Luke the sendoff he deserved and give fans pretty much what they wanted before killing him

    • mercuryman67 says:

      Paul Kerton I’m moaning because of the shitty fan-fic we got, not because of one I wanted.

    • HardWorkENT23 says:

      Yea that was the last chance that movie had to save that shit storm. That should’ve been the the Top 3 most Epic scenes in scene in cinema.

    • Mike Noir says:

      Josh Evans

      This isn’t a fucking video game

    • Turin says:

      There are so many lightsaber drooling cucks missing out on the power and magestiy of this scene. You’ll probably never get it.

  8. Muhaimin Zulkarnain says:

    Ahh yes, I remember playing this on my Game Boy Colour after school.

  9. Batman Jr. says:

    Oh, it’s beautiful.

  10. Micah Burkholder says:

    Super Star Wars: The Last Jedi coming for the Super Nintendo this Christmas!

    • Joe Baumann says:

      Put all three of the old ones, 1 from the prequels, 1 from The Clone Wars, 1 from Rebels, then do a full 1 for TFA, TLJ and the next and put all on one disc in 16 bit. Now that is some Star Wars! lol

    • lh9591 says:

      Dude if they put it on those SNES minis or whatever they call them, they would sell like even hotter hot cakes !

  11. Jonathan Eilbeck says:

    So in Episode IX Luke’s gonna haunt Kylo’s ass.

  12. Sophiane Bengeloun says:

    That was so fucking epic

  13. meloD30 says:

    Cool. Now do the other 147 minutes.

  14. Chugada Cheese Gaming says:

    10/10 would play the crap out of this game!!!

    Love how Kylo leaves foot prints. But Luke doesn’t.

  15. moviemaster marco says:

    G O O D S T U F F.

  16. Rahul Nandakumar says:

    Luke’s journey started with Twin suns,
    It also ends with Twin Suns.

  17. Indeimaus says:

    Well done John Stratman, loved this scene!

  18. Gaming Moments says:

    Damn now I wish this was an actual game 😂

  19. Josh A says:

    Slow motion Neo lightsaber dodge is so cringey HAHAHAHA

  20. Nyda says:

    great job John! best scene in the movie!

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