Luke TheNotable vs The Warden

Luke TheNotable vs The Warden

In this video, Luke TheNotable will be fighting THE WARDEN. The new boss monster in Minecraft. Will he survive? Watch to find out!

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27 Responses

  1. FamousEgg says:

    I can never get enough of Luke TheNotable content! keep it up bro 🙂

  2. polospl / Road to 1000 subs says:

    The resistance from the beacon makes this WAY easier cause the shriek doesn’t do 8 hearth but instead 6.

    • Tippership says:

      Having said that – Beacons only go so high- luke SHOULD BE USING TURTLE MASTER LEVEL 2, because it gives Reisistance 4
      Eat a golden apple, get in prot 4 netherite, and start drinking turtle master level 2 potions- and you actaully can outlast the warden in a fight(if you’re swinging at it with netherite axes and swords at sharpness 5, after having drunk a strength 2 potion – it dies in 20 hits at most, less often)

      Luke REALLY needs to use turtle master 2 (lvl 1 is riskier lol, and no diff from beacons which give resistance 2)

      not to mention, in the ancient cities, harder to set up beacons- but turtle master makes you STRONGER anyway, and people should really be trying to pull out ALL the stops, so they will always win in situations where they get cornered if it happens

  3. T[A]P Me!! To Have [S]EX With Me says:

    You get nothing after killing the warden because you’re not meant to fight the warden. You’re meant to immediately turn the other direction and run away when you encounter one. So the risk to reward ratio is intentionally skewed in the warden’s favor. It gives all the more incentive for player to not engage the warden unless they absolutely have to.

  4. Some Guy says:

    I highly recommend breaking the chests as you loot because when I was checking the update out, I kept finding chests I had already looted until I started breaking them. Way easier to find loot you haven’t found yet.

  5. lolnice says:

    I think the warden was meant to be more of a force of nature than a “boss”

    There was this video by mockrock on breath of the wild and it’s Korok seed collection sidequest, even with something as innocuous as a hat, that makes the game infinitely more challenging to a collector.
    I do think a temporary reward like xp would be good

  6. FGZero says:

    I feel that the Warden doesn’t drop anything because you’re not meant to fight it. The Warden heavily leans into a horror aspect, and that’s why it’s so powerful. The Warden was designed to scare and challenge all types of players, and force them to work around it. Going in all guns a blazing to kill the Warden defeats its purpose. So to try and sway people from fighting it, the Warden drops bad loot

    • Grogu says:

      I understand why, I just don’t like that. The minecraft devs have recently developing minecraft as if it’s a different type game with all of the decisions they’ve been making lately. Making an invincible mob, canceling several mobs and biomes, plus poor communication, the Mojang devs confuse me.

    • Nicholas Blewett says:

      Lore is the reason it drops that

    • Wolf Plush Productions says:

      It’s so powerful because Mojang said it’s a ‘Force Of Nature’ that isn’t meant to be killed

    • Abraham Justin says:

      @Marsel. Jaber that is his choice then, he can kill the warden over and over again. He shouldn’t expect reward for it.

    • Jayda Camacho says:

      The warden is suppose to drop a skulk block or at least one of the variations of the skulk.

  7. Drew278 says:

    I’d definitely like it if they had The Warden drop a small, unique item when killed, like it’s head or maybe it’s heart. Even if it doesn’t serve a purpose, it would be fun to get as a tchotchke, like the dragon egg

  8. Frase Chico says:

    I feel like the warden having a bad drop makes sense: You’re not really meant to fight him, you’re meant to avoid him. Just because some people are ‘crazy’ enough to do it doesn’t mean he should have a big drop since most players wont.

    • 「Goopy」 says:

      @Medsecuele I didn’t say be afraid, just why fight him for nothing but bragging rights nobody cares about? “I beat the warden” ok cool man, did you want a standing ovation?

    • Medsecuele says:

      @ThiccFurryBoi69 exactly that’s literally the point of survival. It’s to survive and advance become the most powerful being, not fearing a creepy warden.

    • ThiccFurryBoi69 says:

      Doesn’t it drop EXP farm item or something also it’s your Minecraft world not the wardens
      i will slay all the beast who get in my way as my goal is to be the best and most powerful character and conquer the world

    • 「Goopy」 says:

      @Blazing Knight 127 but the thing is, no one really cares if you kill warden because 99% of players will just cheese the fight, so it means nothing, it’s like saying you killed the ender dragon, no one who actually plays minecraft would care

    • Hunt Moped says:

      it doesn’t have a bad drop

  9. PixelRunner2 says:

    the thing the warden drops is actually pretty good because you can make a fully automatic xp farm from it. But then you can get it from chests so fighting the warden is still useless

  10. Jadeite says:

    I feel that the Warden is an experiment to see how the players feel about new bosses, mobs, items, effects, and just mostly new things to the game

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