Luna Stracci Goes Sneaker Shopping With Halsey and Complex

Luna Stracci Goes Sneaker Shopping With Halsey and Complex

Young superfan Luna Stracci goes Sneaker Shopping with Joe La Puma and gets surprised by Halsey at Stadium Goods in New York City, and talks who she would like to see on the show and wanting to have the same shoes as her father.

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76 Responses

  1. Eli Bartizal says:

    Travis Scott got shorter

  2. Jack Shack says:

    We need Zlatan on this

  3. Taino Supreme Montana says:

    Don’t say Travis Scott we’re not getting him. -“Joe La Puma” 4/8/2018

    • Bill Cosby says:

      Taino Supreme Montana why don’t they want him?

    • OTEJ says:

      Naw Travis don’t want them lmao

    • Taino Supreme Montana says:

      Bill Cosby I’m sure Travis’s time is worth a lot of money at this point & time in his life so to have him as a guest would cost complex more money than they would make from the video airing. If it don’t make dollars it don’t make sense

  4. Jon Merchant says:

    MY HEART!!!

  5. Anti_ Feast says:

    Am I the only one who wants to see
    Cardi B. in this?

  6. Johan Kronlund says:


  7. dejon-mustard says:

    We want Obama!!!!!

  8. Super N. KIDZ says:

    3 weeks later none of her shoes fit anymore

  9. chick-fil-a Inc. says:

    Millie Bobby Brown goes sneaker shopping 🙏🏻
    Kylie Jenner goes sneaker shopping 🙏🏻
    Zendaya goes sneaker shopping 🙏🏻
    Jason Sudeikis goes sneaker shopping 🙏🏻
    Karlie Kloss goes sneaker shopping 🙏🏻
    Gigi Hadid goes sneaker shopping 🙏🏻
    Rihanna goes sneaker shopping 🙏🏻

  10. # 187 says:

    *The best episode ever , I know Complex get’s alot of hate at the moment but this is so nice of them*

  11. Hano Ali says:

    “just don’t say Travis Scott” 😂😂😂

  12. Owxnnn says:

    Get more British people on like giggs, skepta or stormzy etc

  13. Owxnnn says:

    YBN Nahmir? Jaden Smith? Rae Sremmurd? Tyler the creator? XXXTentacion? There’s still lots of rappers that aren’t travis Scott left

  14. Eddie Pimentel says:

    Do tay k next

  15. Hype Beast says:

    who trya see Lil Skies sneaker shopping?

  16. zdayOG says:

    Trippie Redd Goes Sneaker Shopping With Complex

  17. VeneciaIvana Botha says:

    For someone that’s only 4 she speaks really well parenting win

  18. Sharat Raman says:

    That’s such a sweet thing of halsey to do ❤❤❤

  19. Davine Jay says:

    She don’t care bout y’all complex she just happy she missing school 😂

  20. Bunbun Beats says:

    shout out halsey she go get it

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