Lupita Nyong’o And Stephen Do Silly Walks

Lupita Nyong’o And Stephen Do Silly Walks

Lupita Nyong’o is known for her serious roles, but sometimes she misses just being silly. Fortunately, the Ed Sullivan Theater is a safe space.

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20 Responses

  1. Sonic Twins says:

    WOOOWW… this. was. just. perf.

  2. GeeYourHairSmellsTerrific says:

    She’s lovely. Just can’t find anything to not like about this woman.

  3. argella1300 says:

    I wonder if Lupita is a big Monty Python fan?

  4. ethioman56890 says:

    the bodybuilding me is like “look at that chest”

  5. Michael W says:

    Look out Michelle Obama, there’s a new pair of arms in town.

  6. Muhis Yare says:

    Error 404 poops not found

  7. Geoffrey Han says:

    It’s not particularly silly, is it?

  8. marine0816 says:

    Emergency breast implants needed

  9. stiimuli says:

    That girl must have ankles made of titanium O_O

  10. mars8254 says:

    The way she went down those stairs was too smooth.

  11. Bruno Diaz says:

    Why is this longer than the bernie interview.

  12. ZhangtheGreat says:

    How the hell does she move like that?!

  13. el scientifico says:

    Jesus, she got a fat ass!

  14. boo Jay says:

    I just tried her walk.

    Someone please call 911.

  15. EthalaRide says:

    Not only was that PERFECT but doing that shit going down stairs IN THOSE
    HEELS! Oh my god!

  16. HAWXPRIDE94 says:

    She could have been doing a Cosmo Kramer impression and I wouldn’t have
    known the difference lol

  17. cameupthatsallme says:

    wow, never seen anything like that before!! how she did that without

  18. Wes says:

    1. this woman is classy af
    2. how she do that in heels?
    3. think it looks funny, do ya? have her do the same thing with proper
    lighting and backdrop, that’s your high fashion magazine cover.
    4. her face when she do that. so fierce.

  19. bre lovely says:

    Lupita is gorgeous her skin is impeccable

  20. dragonfirelee says:

    damn she has such a cute laugh