Luxembourg vs Portugal Highlights | UEFA European Qualifiers

Luxembourg vs Portugal Highlights | UEFA European Qualifiers

Portugal sent a message in its match against Luxembourg in the 2024 European Qualifiers at Stade De Luxembourg. Portugal’s Cristiano Ronaldo had a fantastic performance scoring in the 9th and 31st minutes of the match. Portugal also had goals from Bernardo Silva, Joao Felix, Rafael Leao and Otavio. Portugal would go on to win 6-0.

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Luxembourg vs Portugal Highlights | UEFA European Qualifiers

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46 Responses

  1. FOX Soccer says:

    Should Portugal be the favorite to win the whole tournament?

  2. Swous Man says:

    Love watching Ronaldo play, he celebrates every goal he scores like it’s his first. Seeing him perform well at his age is a pleasure

  3. Ardalan Adli says:

    Seeing Ronaldo happy playing again is a beautiful thing

    • Question Mark says:

      @DA223 Tell me any players on that team you’re taking over the guys I named…………


    • Question Mark says:

      @DA223 You talking about the year where they blew 3-0 lead in Champions League?!?!?! Lol

    • DA223 says:

      @Question Mark acting as if Ronaldo didn’t play in the best Manchester United team in history an with world class players 😂😂

    • DA223 says:

      @Question Mark Messi almost single handedly won the champions league without xavi and Iniesta in 2019 and he won 3 international trophies in 2 years so your arguments are quite literally ridiculous

    • Question Mark says:

      @Kinnowin I think Iniesta and Xavi are better than him. Then there’s Neymar, Suarez, Henry, Ronaldinho, and I’m leaving off guys like Zlatan who pretty much only played one season with him.

  4. AngelSS19 says:

    Love the passion from Ronaldo when he plays with Portugal, really one of a kind player. I’ma miss him 🙁

  5. Evan L says:

    last year was a very sad time for Ronaldo. losing his child and learning about his wife’s miscarriages, it was surely an awful period for both of them. it puts into perspective his struggles with United at the end. it’s good to see him happy and playing well again. excellent performance by him and the whole squad.

  6. EyoPlayz says:

    Ronaldo’s form has been excellent recently

    Edit: I’m just gonna let y’all fight in the commments

  7. Celo B says:

    It’s a shame Leao doesn’t start and play more even in the World Cup

  8. Jax Cane says:

    Let’s not look too much into this. Love seeing Ronaldo smiling and enjoying his football. I hope he is still playing like this next summer. I’m sure Martinez has told him if you play like this you’ll always have a spot in the team

  9. Mister Boogah says:

    Give Leao more minutes. This guy’s the future.

    • says:

      The future? Leao is the present. Best player in Portugal’s squad.

    • Corey Kuehl says:

      I think they’re worried about him getting injured if he plays the whole game. His play style makes defenders do reckless things. He’s so clutch when he can come in at 60-70 minutes and just burn everyone who’s tired

    • Drillinois007 says:

      He gotta go to Madrid for a good future

  10. Gabe Fish says:

    Obviously several nice goals today, but major kudos to Bernardo Silva and Nuno Mendes for some incredible playmaking.

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