Lyft driver shoots two suspects attempting to carjack vehicle in Philadelphia, police say

Lyft driver shoots two suspects attempting to carjack vehicle in Philadelphia, police say

An unidentified man is in critical condition after he and another man were reportedly attempting to carjack a Lyft driver’s car and the licensed-to-carry Lyft driver shot him in West Philadelphia Monday afternoon.


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27 Responses

  1. I FAMILYIH says:


    • David Cohen says:

      The Democrats are not going to be happy about this. They hate Americans who defend themselves.(⌐▀͡ ̯ʖ▀)︻̷┻̿═━一-

    • JAR says:

      Well done indeed but wheres BLM to protest these innocent car accident victims?…..

    • findalefinnie says:

      @Marvin what do you mean by “take the law into our own hands”? Defending yourself is a basic responsibility. You and no one else is responsible for your safety.

    • Penniless Jester says:

      @findalefinnie I believe the point he was making is that crime is so rampant that citizens have to protect themselves more and more from these predators every day because they feel emboldened and the statistics prove it and it’s unfortunate to see such a devolved society. Carry if you can even if it’s a can of pepper spray if you aren’t comfortable with a firearm it’s your right because when seconds count the police are minutes away

  2. Paula S says:

    I HIGHLY APPROVE of the Lyft driver’s action. The Only way to stop criminals is to PUNISH them to whatever point is necessary for them to STOP their criminal activities. YES, punishment does deter most criminals.

  3. Mrs M M says:

    Great job Mr Driver for protecting yourself and the passenger!

  4. Natalia says:

    Glad the driver and passenger is OK. STOP attempting to take stuff that doesn’t belong to you! Happy he was able to ‘turn the tables’ on the thieves/carjackers. 🙏🏽

    • Natalia says:

      @Radford J. yeah, that comment was a bit confusing. I am certainly not white nor do I use a lightning filter to make my skin appear lighter. This is my natural complexion. 🙏🏽😊

    • BMW says:

      @Natalia you are more white than black I can tell maybe you like 30% black but 70% you white

    • BMW says:

      @Natalia I have friends they are Caucasian and half African and they look like dark African American people but you are white at least 70% and I don’t understand why people who are more white than black consider themselves black

    • Natalia says:

      @BMW This is a really interesting comment. In all truthfulness, I am NOT 100% black but, I am definitely NOT 70% white. I realize that we are seen and subsequently placed in a racial category when others look at us and that’s fine. Either way, I LOVE how we all have varying shades of deep and light tones that makes us beautifully unique. 🙏🏽

    • Natalia says:

      @BMW Being biracial or mixed race won’t ever come out 50/50 percentage wise but, we all can have different facial features that may have someone thinking one way or the other. How our racial makeup seems to expresses itself phenotypically with perhaps a lighter skin tone, smaller facial features and a looser curl pattern/texture doesn’t always play out the same way in different people that may be biracial or mixed race. Also, there are black American/African individuals who may not look as you’d expect and may have you may think they are mixed /biracial or ‘70/30’. Gene expression and DNA can have a person scratching their head. It’s beautiful and quite complex. 🙏🏽😊

  5. G B says:

    This Lyft driver is protecting not only his passenger but others who would be in danger with these animals on the streets. Too bad this Lyft driver my be in trouble and the criminals
    will be released to reoffend soon..

  6. George Bruno says:

    You should follow through on this story and see what Lyft does with him. Will he be rewarded? Will they terminate him? That’s your next story hopefully

    • Truthful Rating says:

      As a former Lyft driver I can relate to where this guy is coming from. You’re trying to make a living for your family and someone comes along and tries to take your livelihood. Lift usually suspends people if a passenger says something about you it’s their word against yours but they usually take the passenger side. Gig workers have no rights this time he was right I’m so glad that him and his passenger are okay and he stood his ground. I always told my mail passengers don’t come for me because we will be Thelma me being Thelma and they’ll be Luis the mail passenger we are going over the bridge into the water off the mountain you will not take my car they laugh I was serious though.

    • Truthful Rating says:

      @Marcus X they will pay the guys that were shot however these guys are going to prison. The Lyft driver can also get paid because of the trauma that he went through especially if he’s insured with rideshare. All of that’s covered under rideshare. Thank God he’s okay and thank God the would be carjackers are okay. They have a family too but they must do the time for their crime.

    • Brooklyn finest says:

      Well even tho he did good , he still had an illegal gun.. you can’t reward someone that broke the law..his reward might be is that he won’t get charged with a possession of a gun..

    • Kerr says:

      @Chris Campbell Yeah, don’t yield to Political Correctness/stupid company policy! You may lose your life!

    • Kerr says:

      @LA Geronimo Yeah, never vote for dem again!

  7. Nilo Baranda says:

    That’s right officer, the Lyft driver was essentially doing your job.

  8. Rick Voorhees says:

    Kudos to the Lyft driver…He is a hero and we need more people like this…

  9. Boss Barbie says:

    I’m glad he protected himself and saved someone!! Great job!!!

  10. Jeffrey Thrash says:

    Amazing job by the Lyft driver! Good for him protecting himself and his female passenger.

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