Lyft Prank Mode with Andre Iguodala

Lyft Prank Mode with Andre Iguodala

Lyft and Finals MVP Andre Iguodala created an extra-special edition of Prank Mode. One where Andre’s teammate, Festus Ezeli, was lead to believe he’d been released from the team, just before the playoffs. The stunt even featured The Murph and Mac Show, who broke the news while Festus listened in.

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20 Responses

  1. TenToes says:

    so he just happened to call for a Lyft.? lol so fake

  2. Felipe Osorio says:

    LOL – Festus threw the cake and ate it too.

  3. Connor Hein says:


  4. Chuzzy Chu says:

    Now thats an epic prank

  5. Positive Vibes says:

    Positive vibes your way!

  6. Kevin Durant says:

    I know it was a prank but that’s kind of cruel, thank god Elzi get upset

  7. Scott Reid says:

    With this kind of humanity, this team is unstoppable. It’s all about

  8. Steven Tung says:

    but can iguodala prank the 95-96 bulls?

  9. Jove Joved says:

    This almost seemed real until Festus awkwardly plugged Lyft during the
    drive. Ruined.

  10. Tommy rodriguez says:


  11. Paul Garcia says:

    Wow if only I knew what this was all about

  12. ' says:

    What if there injury turns out to be more serious & the both of them are
    out for the whole season + playoffs. Jokes on Iguodala lol

  13. Joy Maitiro says:

    Hahahah#Dubnation # warriors

  14. LunchWith Shericca says:

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  15. Cloud Kurosaki says:

    Are we gonna look past the fact that Ezeli compared Oakland to Nigeria?

  16. KryptoChronicutelite ༼ つ ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° ༽つ says:

    Why are so many people blown away about Klay saying “pleasure working with
    you”?? have you ever had a professional job in your life?

  17. ASIANESS100 says:

    CTFU! ???

  18. Carlos Castaneda says:

    D angelo russell the type to tell him its a prank before it starts lol

  19. Shemzinho says:

    Klay is a fool LMAO how can he text him ”it was a pleasure working with

  20. Bree R says:

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