Lynette and Corey

Lynette and Corey

Lynette & Corey, an engaged couple, get very honest about sexuality, faith and jealousy. To experience more, visit

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19 Responses

  1. blahblahbleh says:

    what was the “dark side?” not trying to scrutinize or judge but it seems
    like she’s trying to avoid admitting that shes attracted to girls bc of her
    religion.. not saying thats true its just what I’m getting from her

  2. Brandon Vance says:

    I honestly cant stand being with someone who would be upset if you were to
    do a certain thing, but would basically act like its something that’s no
    big deal if they were to do the same thing. Just because it is a girl
    doesn’t make the situation different if that is someone you would
    legitimately have feelings for.

  3. Zoe QuiQui says:

    why would you respond with “I know” after asking a question that you
    resulted in confirming the answer from another person by yourself?

  4. Anna Largo says:

    She is lieing through her teeth. It’s wrong that she won’t hold herself to
    the standard she wants him to be. I don’t think they are going to make it
    and the fault would probably be her. It’s dumb that she doesn’t want him to
    become a sex symbol but won’t even admit to bumping uglies with a girl
    because she is unsure of what she herself really wants.

  5. Jim Greenway says:

    Yooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo dump this girl. Dude… DUDE…. Life is
    too short. DUMP HER. She’s a liar.

  6. Man Ho Tze says:

    The guy didn’t care about all the other guys she was with when they were
    on/off instead he was more concerned with the one ex gf of hers. I can’t
    understand that.

  7. Agratha Dinakaran says:

    You can tell he is so pained by the idea of her having kissed another woman
    but she is so dismissive of his feelings. If she is bisexual, then kissing
    another woman is *also* cheating, it’s not a fun experiment anymore. Her
    nervous laugh, the dishonesty in her eyes is so obvious. Instead of
    straight up answering his question, she rubbishes it off, tells him that it
    isn’t a big deal.

    Seriously, lady. Get your act together.

  8. wauwisa says:

    Neither of them seems to understand the concept of bisexuality or trust.

  9. jonporter527 says:

    COREY, Don’t be fooled by a beautiful woman! She is NOT to be trusted.
    Listen to me, AND all the other commenters, This girl is trouble. You Know
    it. You KNOW inside there is something not right with her. Get out now.
    don’t waste years of your life. Ive done it and knew from the beginning it
    wasn’t right. There are a Million of beautiful women out there. But only a
    few will be honest with you. She isn’t the ONE

  10. Logi Bro says:

    If my girlfriend was bisexual that would be the life.

  11. Amylopez15 says:

    He won’t blow up, don’t worry.

  12. Amylopez15 says:

    So she likes women but says she Christian? She must not practice

  13. Mary Brann says:

    His question wasn’t worded correctly, it was,” can I get in bed with you
    And your girlfriend? ” that’s what he was trying to say. Nothing to do with
    trust. Lust.

  14. danielle fray says:

    please don’t marry her.

  15. PocketStep says:

    drinking game, everytime they say like, drink

  16. Chloey Sullivan says:

    Personally I think they should get young couple who have been married 15-16
    years or even 20 lets see what that would be like. 20 years is a long time
    and it would be interesting to see what they think of each other.

  17. The Skin Deep says:

    All couples face jealousy. Lynette and Corey were so generous and brave to
    discuss it honestly, and shared their fears to make their relationship

  18. lostindie813 says:

    Is it just me who instantly thought the guy is the one who isn’t straight
    upon reading in the caption that they discussed sexuality?

  19. jaybooti dawg says:

    this girl is a bitch, but cause she’s pretty the guy puts up with her
    bullshit. that’s the downfall of many realtionships. more often than not a
    girls say that they are in control, but when it comes to manning up to
    their faults it’s all of a sudden not an issue about them but they’ll flip
    the issue and try to ask stupid questions to prove that they are not wrong.
    women, I know it sucks to say it’s your fault, but that’s life, you can’t
    be right on every freaking thing. until women realize this there will
    always be more poor saps, like this fellow, who have to deal with crazy
    relationships that struggle to find a honest foundation.