Lyon 0-0 Barcelona: Champions League Recap with Highlights, Goals and Best Moments

Lyon 0-0 Barcelona: Champions League Recap with Highlights, Goals and Best Moments

Barcelona had 25 shots in all against Lyon but could not find a way to break the deadlock in a 0-0 draw in France in the first leg of their Champions League Last 16 tie.

Lionel Messi and Luis Suarez were thwarted time and again by Anthony Lopes and the Lyon defence, while Marc-Andre ter Stegen also made a couple of crucial saves to keep the game goalless.

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95 Responses

  1. B says:

    Clément Lenglet cannot get enough praise for the brilliant job that he’s done this season.

    He is one of the best signings we did in the summer. He has made us all forget about the injury of Samuel Umtiti, giving consistently good performances each week. Phenomenal player.

    • Karim Zakaria says:

      Could you imagine if Deschamps took Varane Umtiti Lenglet Laporte and Kimpembe to the next Euro and World Cup. They’d have the best centreback depth in the world for sure

    • Wubba Lubba Dub Dub says:

      B same for Jason delayer for Lyon. He went from 2nd choice center back for Sunderland to effectively shutting down Messi Suarez and dembele in the champions league

    • CaliforniaBoy7559 says:

      imvixx all thanks to valverde. He’s so tired, plays every game while we have a back up. Same with Messi as well

    • David Zamora says:

      Better than Pique for sure

    • Asxp__Danny says:

      Karim Zakaria varane and umtiti are the best duo defence . then u add kimpembe laporte and lenglet to the mix and it just becomes even more powerful!

  2. ViscaBarca 10 says:

    It’s official we have to get rid of Suárez.

  3. Edgy Jm says:

    No goals in the CL today

  4. ViscaBarca 10 says:

    Great Job Lopes
    Congratulations Lyon what a great goalkeeper you guys have 🙂
    Really good game

  5. 38 Baby says:

    Barcelona won’t win the Champions League even with their obsession over it Messi look fatigued already, Dembele, Suarez and Coutinho offer no help in front of goal.

    • IRIDIUM says:

      I agree ever since playing vs valencia messi been low & suarez & coutinho don’t offer attack up front we need a attacking midfielder & atleast a second right winger

    • Cygnus Vismund says:

      Barca is shit

    • ItzElectric says:

      The fact that y’all talk sooo much shit is crazy. None of the 4 teams scored goals, doesn’t mean they’re trash. But I get that they’re just opinions. But imo I’d think dembele right, Coutinho left, Messi St.

    • Noxtibs says:

      bro they were all having shots on target today. a few missed chances but the keepers were outstanding

  6. espben360 says:

    Lyon were actually pretty decent today. They have shown already in champions league that on their day they can beat anyone, and all they need is an away goal in 3 weeks. Pressure on Barca for sure

    • Zachariah Rizk says:

      Nah dude, Barca may have not performed well but they have zero pressure. It’s Lyon, I don’t usually trash the underdog but this is a walk in the park for Barca.

    • KingOne says:

      Pressure at the bCamp Nou against Lyon ? What type of nonsense is this if this is pressure then Barcelona has no business being in the CL lol Lyon ? At Camp Nou ? What kinda dumbass pressure is this.

    • Henrry T94 says:

      espben360 facts

    • Techtonic X says:

      +JAMES MILLER Ehhh, they domimated Lyon at France, maybe Fekir will but not too much pressure i dont think, anybody that visted Barca in the champions leg didnt have a good day

    • Techtonic X says:

      +espben360 Yea true that

  7. lil leezi Squad says:

    The lyons players kill the barca players with them skills

  8. Manuuel Cerqueda says:

    Ter Stegen saved us today like most games if I have to be honest

  9. Suraj's Opinion Is Better says:

    Easy to see why Lyon gave city a hard time. Such a strong defense that if you aren’t clinical they will may hit you on counter and finish you. Only difference was we didn’t field our best team and Barcelona did theirs. Hehe.

  10. Samuel Graff says:

    Not one to rag on Valverde but taking out Dembele instead of Suarez was just ridiculous…

    • Kevin Rivera says:

      Sandro79706 dembele was good

    • Messia-Heist says:

      +Sandro79706 He should of chipped the goalkeeper

    • chris zlatan says:

      No courtinho bro. We need someone who creates chances sgould had brought malcom in. And play messi as a s1

    • James Sotelo-Mena says:

      +chris zlatan Coutinho creates chances and is faster and is a playmaker

    • GRod Lol says:

      It’s hard to play Messi as a striker as he has no position he free roams to create plays. Their players are out of form. Iniesta retiring was a big loss. Coutinho has fail to live up not surprised. Dembele hasn’t found his spot in the team yet. Suarez is aging and you can see. Really bad formation with no creative box to box midfielders. Barca is getting exposed. Lyon is having a good season. Good talent on the rise. Lucky to have been 0-0 could be but Barca just couldn’t find the net. Liverpool game was more entertaining.

  11. Sergio Ramos says:

    Boring day in Champions league

  12. Surpeme says:

    At this rate, Barcelona will have no chance in winning the UCL. We’re slowly moving to the barca we were like a year ago?

  13. Chloe Smith says:

    El Lyon le hizo el tiki taka


    Of lyon wear white in the camp nou then they are in trouble. I hope barcelona do this lineup

    Ter stegen
    Sergi Pique Lenglet Alba
    Rakatic Arthur busquets
    Messi coutinho dembele

    Suarez ( or boateng )

  15. Last Archangel says:

    As a Lyon fan I am scared for the 2nd leg but theres still hope especially with Fekir back and even a draw could qualify us. When I saw Messi with the ball, I thought it was all over for us. Good luck Barca! ??

    • thomasfrombty 01 says:

      Last Archangel LYON ?❤️

    • Advenco says:

      You guys definitely have a chance. One goal and Barcelona might bottle it.

    • Aged P says:

      Very excited for the next match, any kind of goal with a draw and you’re into the next round. Love from Missouri, USA! A friend of mine here used to live quite close to Lyon.

    • Asxp__Danny says:

      lyon has great young talent. aouar fekir depay and mendy, lyon has a great squad. and if they try their best they could probably beat barcelona. im a barca fan and i think that lyon does have a chnace if barcelona doesnt take their chances. lyon has a good keeper and they played well today. congrats

  16. Jayant Mahajan says:

    Barca at risk of getting knocked out.

    • • Yeshu2016 • says:

      Adrian Z not mad I’m just saying the truth

    • Slight Work says:

      +• Yeshu2016 • If you think that’s the truth you’re a retard. Any fan could see Lyon were getting dominated at their own home, Barca just couldn’t finish. Camp Nou is a different story.

    • Stacey Fonseca says:

      Slight Work a scoring draw is enough for Lyon. They came close to scoring at well. Don’t act like an ignorant child with no candies

    • tuluvota says:

      +Slight Work same could be said of Lyon… they couldn’t finish their chances…. I still think Barca will be too good at home

  17. Xx_BRUH_xX 1738 says:

    Ter Stegen and Lopes were saving their teams lives.

  18. jose vazquez says:

    I like how no one talks trash about Lyon but when it comes to psg everyone and their mother has something to say

    • Batman says:

      jose vazquez because PSG is a money club while Lyon is an youth academy club that’s the difference.

    • adeking 121 says:

      Julio Reyes but usually it is money talks, any team that wants to be successful in modern day needs a decent amount of cash no matter how much you build youth u will still need lots of money to compete with the big boys in Europe

    • Asxp__Danny says:

      adeking 121 monaco made it to semi’s with mbappe and it was just pure talent on that team no money. also leicester won the league. and they dont have as much money as he top 6 clubs in epl. money doesnt matter its all about how the team plays.

    • Batman says:

      Asxp__Danny also Barcelona in there glorious age when they had Messi, Xavi, Iniesta, and Puyol they all were youth academy. Barcelona did not spend money.

    • adeking 121 says:

      Asxp__Danny But how many times does that happen not often look at where Monaco is now and lescter not doing very good if u want consistent success u need money in modern football. And lots of it like a billionaire takeover is going to help a lot. Which I certainly don’t mind. The fact is football has changed u need money simple as ABC

  19. hugh_gee_ rexion says:

    Lyon has a great team.
    Barcelona have a great goalkeeper.

  20. Cygnus Vismund says:

    Everything is falling into place. Even if barca goes through, which they probably will, they’re staying in the quarters. No one respects barca in this comp anymore, all is right in the world.

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