Lyricold – Dear Dad (Official Music Video)

Lyricold – Dear Dad (Official Music Video)






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Directed By Vince Lundi​

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68 Responses

  1. TheAngryGrandpaShow says:

    Thank you dad for always being there for me. For always being the support system I needed and for being my friend when I didn’t have many. I miss you, I love you and I am doing everything I can to keep your legacy alive. It’s been a hard six months and the pain isn’t going away any time soon but I hope you can see that I’m trying. Trying to find my happiness again. Trying to show the world what you truly meant to me. Trying to smile. I hope this song reaches as many people as humanly possible so I can show the world that it’s okay to cry and to miss somebody. You are worth every tear. Happy Father’s Day. I miss you. Oh how I miss you. I love you. – Michael

    • WilliamsJosh45543 says:

      Im doing everything to keep ur legacy alive……like making shitting raps that sounds like a 4 year old wrote…….and thats it…. thats ALLLLL i can do

    • Mouse Uz says:

      TheAngryGrandpaShow dear michael I am very sorry to hear about angry grandpa passing away I just wanted to let you know you are not alone in your situation I too have lost someone who was very important to me I lost my grandmother back in october she passed away from a battle of dementia I just wanted to let you know you aren’t alone in your situation because I lost part of my heart when my grandmother passed away just remember to be positive and remember the good times you had and rember that angry grandpa is no longer suffering your song here brought me to tears my heart goes out to you and the green family stay strong with love and peace -mouse uz

    • wolfcord hd says:

      TheAngryGrandpaShow Michael if you need help respond back to my comment I can help you my father walked out on me when I was 3 years old and I’m now 14 I haven’t seen or heard from him for 11 years and I want to help you in anyway I can cause I know it hurts

    • Umut Bozdere says:

      TheAngryGrandpaShow it’s shit

    • Cody Voynick says:

      TheAngryGrandpaShow its okay my guy

  2. Juan Bermudez says:

    The part of washing dishes was shit but everything else was cool

  3. realesst 1 says:

    You’re one talented man…

  4. Anonymous Electricity says:

    This was released on fathers day

  5. Dirtrider199 says:

    Man….. just wow. Me and my dad are great together, but my grandpa died last year and I’m still grieving and this really helped me. Memories ARE everything. Love u man and keep making vids.
    I’m 14 by the way.

  6. Matthew Clapps says:

    He says God alot and praying as if he’s a Christian. I love him and his channel but the only way to get into heaven is believing in Jesus and I don’t think he gets that

    • Tripletimes3 says:

      Doesn t everyone go to heaven because jesus forgives everyone u numbskulls this is where christianity doesn t make sense

    • onlyToxic 1 says:

      Tripletimes3 Smh he acted like he knew everything about the bible

    • John Bro says:

      Matthew Clapps die in a fire

    • Hiroaki says:

      The way to get to heaven is just to be a good person and help others in your life and then it affects your way to heaven or hell.

    • Andy James says:

      Rubbish u don’t have to believe in God to go to heaven even if u didn’t believe in him u would still be show the truth about God when you die and then God would forgive you for not believing in him. Don’t speak for God. If he’s real then Iam sure there would b a place for people that didn’t believe. And that’s not hell. U wanna know who goes to hell… Rapists and murderers

  7. u want doubleD says:

    Wait he’s cleaning ?????

    • Dave Robertson says:

      He should make his bitch Bridgette clean

    • MJ Boogeyman says:

      Any real day he does make piglet clean. He doesn’t do anything but cry and eat.

    • Hiroaki says:

      Gerardo Mora
      He would not be doing things like cleaning.
      Cause piglet is the one doing all the cleaning.
      You even heard in one of the vlogs that piglet was doing the dishes and michael is standing doing nothing then he asks her to go get him a pot.
      Even though he can not cook.

    • Alex_was_bored i says:

      u want doubleD it’s showing his remembering him even when he’s doing normal things

    • Racing Demon says:

      Hiroaki you got to reply to every message dont you ya got Damn stupid pig

  8. حيدر قيمز Hidara gaming says:

    you make me cry I miss you angry grand pa

  9. limjunhan Vlogs says:

    I cry 😢 but I am happy that you make you own song you dad well be very happy

  10. Theanimedude341 says:

    it seemed like you were forcing it

    • Theanimedude341 says:

      Fennec Fox look I get it ur trying to stand up for him… but it’s just my opinion it doesn’t matter

    • Fennec Fox says:

      Theanimedude341 he makes the videos, I see it looks like he’s forcing it out but at the same time his dad would be proud of him for what he’s doing

    • Hiroaki says:

      Of course he was forcing it..
      I hear a lot of people saying that their hearts break and they died.
      And they cried.
      But let me tell you something.
      The last time i cried in my whole life was when i was like 3 years old.
      If you see me as an emotionless person then you are wrong.
      Cause i do care about AGP dying but i dont care enough to cry.
      I have had family members die too but i never cried.

    • Albert Wang says:

      Hiroaki What you are saying is that you don’t experience grief. You claim you are not emotionless, but you are missing out an emotion people experience even during adulthood. If you haven’t experienced grief then I’m sorry to tell you this, but you weren’t close enough with the family members that passed away in your life.

    • Albert Wang says:

      Hiroaki From my personal experience. I wrote a song to my father during father’s day and I cried after singing it to him. I didn’t cry because he is dead, I cried because he will be gone soon and I am grateful that he is with me all of my life.

      He is “forcing himself” to make videos about AGP because honestly this channel is dedicated to him. I would consider this channel a commemoration rather than an actual channel.

  11. Dillan Macasiano says:

    Move On Dude

  12. Mr. FONIX says:

    I’m sad because angry grandpa pass away😥😥😥😥

  13. хизер джонс says:

    Awesome??? No No, 😭you lose Dad I’m Sorry:(😭😭😭😭😭😭

  14. Hunter playz says:

    If u don’t like this you’re a bad person rest in peace angry grandpa
    Amazing song Michael it really touched my heart

    • Hiroaki says:

      I did not like the song so then you consider me a bad person.
      And also did it hurt to get your heart touched?

      Gabby Sunshine
      And how are you so sure he is not an english teacher?
      Cause you said it is english teachers job to correct people in english.
      And for all you know he could be one.

    • Hunter playz says:

      Hiroaki how did u not like the song it’s the sweetest thing every if u don’t like it go away he lost someone in his life and I have too it is really hard to go through stuff like this just wait when it happens to u it is not nice at all😭❤️

    • Gabby Sunshine says:

      Hiroaki well even if he is this isn’t school and it’s not English class as I’ve said before so there’s no need to be correcting other people

    • Tylor Ford says:

      Hunter playz right grampa helped so many people threw so many tuff things

    • Dylan Nguyen says:

      Hunter playz ok like it was good and it made me sad and stuff but his singing voice is pretty damn cringy


    I’m still waiting to hear it’s a prank

  16. Real AndrewSivillo says:

    He should sing The Most sensible thing next year

  17. Justinmasher says:

    #6 on trending. Great job!!!

  18. Dwight Shrute says:

    We all miss him. If he were still alive, comedy on YouTube would be too. YouTube is still a fun and funny place, but ever since he died, it hasn’t been he same. This is a worthy tribute to your lovely father! I bet he’s so proud of you!

  19. SAK- SOON says:

    My heart is aching 😢

  20. Penny Picker says:

    RIP AGP you were the best homie

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