M1 iMac Review: Ultra Thin Design Choice!

M1 iMac Review: Ultra Thin Design Choice!

Apple’s M1 iMac is crazy thin. It’s a polarizing design, but a great computer!

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Computer provided by Apple for review.



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36 Responses

  1. Moosa Fahim says:

    If they made a matte black version Marques would cry tears of joy

  2. Oliur / UltraLinx says:

    Man some of those b-roll shots 👏

  3. Armando Ferreira says:

    Why not just have all of the computer components inside the base? It’s possible considering we have the MacBook Air which is ultra thin. This will give us best of both worlds, thin design and also no chin.

  4. pratik das says:

    imagine me painting all my office white,just to get the imac fuse into it !🙏😂

  5. Tamer Shaheen says:

    Apple Engineers: *relentlessly work to make it as thin as possible*

    MKBHD: I don’t care… 07:22 😂

    • Mokam Babu says:

      Removing the chin would actually be bad for apple, it would no longer have a distinctive silhouette for iconography and product placement in media (also probably why they removed the chin logo)

    • Questionable Television says:

      But its true tho

    • John Martino says:

      He is not right. I think what many people miss (perhaps they cant be bothered looking back at what IBM World was like). This tech is visually breathtaking, technically revolutionary and from her fun to use. MKBHD I thunk has purposefully sought to to create controversy – by his banality. He does need to sell his brand – is his job. Apple is cool, cutting edge and humanistic in its approach.

    • Kitsunary says:

      As long as it’s not a fat brick, the thinness of the monitor is never the issue. It just needs to do its job well.

    • Ömer Eren says:

      @John Martino nobody is arguing against the M1 chip inside. but he is completely justified in his criticisms of the design.

  6. MisterRabbiit says:

    The fact that they didn’t change how the Magic Mouse charges is BEYOND me!

    • TKR says:

      Facts. I feel like I am living in 2121 with my Logitech Powerplay compared to the magic mouse.

    • terence w says:

      Cos most will leave the cable permanently in there. Messes up the aesthetics for apple

    • john smith says:

      Because as a brand they listen to most customers’ feedback. Magic Mouse 2 works fine, no need to throw money into R&D.

    • Jaylen Smith says:

      @john smith I don’t think you need much research changing the charger port since it’s such high demand

    • MrEcted says:

      It’s a non-issue that people love to complain about. Don’t get me wrong, I tried the Magic Mouse and I hated it, but the charging port being on the bottom was the least of its problems. It stays charged for a long ass time and for the people that always say “but what about when battery runs out and I need to charge it!” – well, you do get warnings like two weeks ahead of time so just plug it in one night before you go to bed and problem solved. Yeah it’s not elegant, yeah it’s awkward, but it’s also like the biggest non-issue that people continue screaming about. I hate everything else about the mouse.

  7. Anirudh Navalgund says:

    That peel made me feel I’m in heaven

  8. Ahmed Mohammed Elnour Ahmed says:

    I’ve more respect for you when I saw the J.Cole album in the screen 🤣 KING COLE 👑

  9. Cornflack says:

    Interesting how tech designs went from extremely colorful in the late 1900’s to black/white/grey in the early 2000’s, and now back to colorful in the 2020’s.

  10. Ctrl Shift Face says:

    i would stick the computer on the stand. it could also work as a giant heatsink. you would get the same thickness [thinness] and no chin.

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