M1 Max MacBook Pro Review! (14″ + 16″)

M1 Max MacBook Pro Review! (14″ + 16″)

My review of the best MacBook in 2021. The new Apple MacBook Pro with M1 Max and M1 Pro chips. The 14″ and 16″ MacBook Pro are built with professionals in mind but could be used for laptop gaming.

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42 Responses

  1. Dave2D says:

    These thicc bois are REALLY good this year if you need one.

    • German Handsome Boy says:

      expensive again

    • Benji Daniel says:

      Dave I feel like you still failed to adequately address people’s concerns with the notch.

      The problem in my mind at least is not “how it looks” but will it intrude over application UI’s like tabs in Chrome, Safari, VS Code, etc when in Fullscreen?

    • Ai says:

      My working machine is MBP late 2013. Everything good with it even after 8 years – Magsafe, 16gb ram, 1tb hdd, it’s well built and comfortable to use. BUT the most discomfort is that Apple dropped Nvidia support and my MBP has Nvidia 750m inside. So I’m on High Sierra since then. This finger Apple gave to its customers like a shadow that can make your apple product discomfortable to use any moment.

    • emmanuel goodluck says:

      Broooo your 40 crazy I had no idea

    • WTFCK says:

      Thicc Bois 4 Life

  2. Eric Kauffmann says:

    Damn Dave’s grandpa voice is on point!!

  3. Jimmy Tries World says:

    I don’t know what’s more shocking tbh. The performance on these things, or that you’re 40. You look 35 at best!

  4. Nazib Khan says:

    “Everything is good when you go thicc” I see Dave is a man of culture as well

  5. Fresh says:

    “Everything is good when you go thick.” Most true statement I ever heard in my life. A man of culture.

  6. radez says:

    I watched this review first. Then I watched other guys reviews. Then I came back here and I watched it again. Dave clearly has the best, the most mature expertise in terms of laptops. This is just undeniable.

  7. JumpingOverClouds says:

    Im sayin it, Dave2D is the best tech reviewer on Youtube by far. He gave me everything I wanted to know in 8min. He keeps it real and ignores the hype. No extra fluff, just what you want.

  8. GAMER SNACK | جيمر سناك says:

    Thank you, Im getting the high-end 14″ next week 🙂

    • Abd_ulrahman I says:

      يخوك ما تحس انها اوفر ريتد بزيادة؟🤔

    • ali ALI says:

      @Abd_ulrahman I فعلا

    • Abd_ulrahman I says:

      @ali ALI

      معروفة اجهزة الماك بوك مبالغ في كل شيء فيها وفي النهاية اقرب جهاز ROG يعديها من كل النواحي
      هذا غير النظام اللي لك عليه

    • jetsetgo says:

      @Abd_ulrahman I it’s industry standard for “portable workstation” and if you prefer windows, dell xps probably close to them. If you ever use it, it’s nowhere as good as ROG, and i know ROG got beefy specs under the hood for gaming and heavy multimedia/workload, but macos is something else

  9. AllGoodThingsNetwork says:

    Love the concise review… that last note about them just being “tools” so as not to make an impulse buy was a sobering one. Good stuff.

    • Jonathan Sacci says:

      @Jeff Barbose I agree with that. If you look at comparisons on Dell XPS’ and Alienwares, Razer Blades, and what not. All the same price. So, I really do think that “Too expensive” labeling needs to go away. For what you get it’s not. No laptop display comes close to these machines.

    • Tomislav Skunca says:

      ​@Jonathan Sacci If you need really long battery life combined with an excellent display then yes, these are the best on the market and so the price is justified. If you need xcode then you don’t really have a choice and you just need to bite the bullet get the spec you need to do your work.

      But for many uses, like non-ios software development, these laptops are not great value for money once you consider the non-base models. Which you will since 16GB is not enough these days. Even premium laptops like XPS are much cheaper on higher specced configs (at least in my part of the world) and if you’re OK with something like the Asus G15 you’re even better off.

    • Murat Isik says:

      Loved that ‘tools’ remark!

    • Soberanis Fam says:

      but how can i pretend to be a pro if i dont have a $3000+ machine?

    • Nicolás Guizzo says:

      @Soberanis Fam if Apple is good at something that’s marketing. I’m not saying this macbook it’s not a nice machine, because it is actually an all terrain beast (except for gaming compared to Windows), but the price, at least in a third world economy like mine, is pretty high. I’ve two pc’s (one desk gamer pc and one MSI 17″ gamer notebook) and a macbook 12″. I don’t really need a new macbook model, but then, why am I in this video? Because I can’t help it. It is a seemengly wonderful device, and I want it (despite I don’t need it). So… There you go, marketing wins. ‘if you want to be a pro, you need a macbook pro”.

  10. Check It Out says:

    Really cool tools ❤️😊

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